Friday Folly’s: Premature Evaluations

^Notice that hasn't quite been flipped yet ...
^Notice that hasn’t quite been flipped yet …

So here we are on this, the last day of November, and I must say that I have found myself a bit confused. By the looks of things on some of my favorite music sites, you would think that tomorrow would be the beginning of a new year, not the beginning of a new month. This is because some sites have deemed it necessary to begin throwing out their “End of the Year” lists already. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a good “End of the Year” list. We at LxL in fact did one last year, and we will do one again for the end of 2012. But that is just it, we will wait until the end of the year. My problem is the fact that this year still has 31 days left in it, and for people to be spouting what this years best ANYTHING is at this point, just seems a bit premature.
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LxL’s Top Ten Christmas Songs

The Best Christmas Songs of All Time

At 12:00 AM on Black Friday and not a second later, radio stations all across the country began blasting Christmas music, oh so ready to put the Thanksgiving holiday behind them and go headstrong into Christmas season. While we at LxL love the Christmas holiday, our relationship with Christmas music is a little more conflicted. I, for one, love Christmas music in doses but less doses of “Grandpa Got Run Over By a Reindeer” and “Chipmunk’s Christmas” and more pure Christmas carol classics. Austin, on the other hand, is a regular crotchety Scrooge, as he even balked at the idea of doing a Christmas list period. Luckily for you who love Christmas music, two-thirds is majority, and Todd and I won the day.
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What’s Up With That? Pre-Releasing a Million Singles Edition

Deandre cole, what's up with that

Seeing as there are very few albums being released these next couple weeks, it looks like we all have to dig a little deeper in finding something to discuss about music.  It’s the end of the year doldrums, and there is probably only one album (Big Boi’s Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors) that I’m really all that pumped up for.  Not that Vicious Lies will be the only album worth listening to the remainder of the year, but it’s the only one firmly on my radar.

But here’s the rub with Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors.  With the release of “In the A”  this week, five singles have now been released from the album, all over two weeks until the release date.  So, in the soulful voice of DeAndre Cole, I ask “What’s Up With That?”.
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The Real Reason for Detroit’s Recession

Kid Rock, Son of Detroit, ruining Thanksgiving at the Detroit Lions Halftime Show

Yes, I realize this headline is probably a bit misleading and a bit offensive for the people of Michigan, but I don’t care.
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The Rolling Stones “Doom and Gloom” Video Might Make Your Head Explode

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Song: “Doom and Gloom”
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Headless Actress: Noomi Rapace

The Rolling Stones Doom and Gloom Video, noomi rapace
^You, after you watch this video.

Earlier this month, The Rolling Stones released yet another “greatest hits” compilation known as GRRR!. It came in 40-track, 50-track, and 80-track editions, but each one included two newly recorded songs. That’s right, The Rolling Stones are still making new hits 50 years after their creation. And to be honest, “Doom and Gloom” (the first of the two songs that was released) isn’t too bad. In fact it’s probably better than anything off their latest 2005 effort, A Bigger Bang. The video, albeit very weird and non-sensical, follows suit as well.

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The 5 Most Thankful Songs For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, Turkey, day, holiday, thanks, pilgrims, native americans

LxL is taking a short hiatus for the upcoming holiday weekend, but before we go we wanted to give thanks for our favorite songs that also happen to give thanks in their own right. Because this is not a Top Ten Thursday post, we decided to keep things short and sweet with five solid tracks in this edition of Weak List Wednesday: Thanks!. We feel these tracks best represent the spirit of thankfulness, glorified gluttony, and pilgrims eating Native Americans … I mean pilgrims eating WITH the Native Americans … wait how’d that go? Anyways, onto the list:

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The Legend of John Legend

Who ever decided John Legend should be featured on every major hip-hop release to come out, and when was this decision made?  God, that’s who.  It is true God rested on the seventh day, but in all actuality he spent the majority of that seventh day contemplating the creation of singer/songwriter John Legend almost 8,000 years later.  Hit the jump for the main talking points of why John Legend was actually not a gift from God, but a curse.
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