The Black Keys vs RZA: The Baddest Music Video Alive

The Black Keys and RZA, The Baddest Man Alive, music video

The official soundtrack to The Man with the Iron Fists was dropped yesterday, as well as the music video for “The Baddest Man Alive” by RZA and The Black Keys. The soundtrack as well as the video are both incredibly badass, but because I essentially covered the all of the bases of soundtrack in last Friday’s LxListening, I decided to center todays focus on what should officially be known as “The Baddest Music Video Alive”.

After the quick movie-snippet intro, the video sets the viewer up in an unsuspecting Oriental restaurant. Now if you know anything about the art of cinema you know that just like strip clubs, Oriental restaurants only hold two purposes in movies; drug deals and epic fight scenes. Luckily for music video purposes, this particular video is dedicated to the latter. A smoking hot waitress (crucial to point out because this becomes relevant later) delivers the check and a single fortune cookie to the table of RZA of Wu Tang, and Dan and Patrick of The Black Keys. Everyone’s hungry eyes immediately move towards the lone fortune cookie, and naturally a bloodbath ensues. And this is not just ANY bloodbath, this is the reckoning of the fortune cookie Gods. Luckily for our beloved Black Keys and solo Wu Tang member, no one gets seriously injured … except for any idiots that get in their way!

RZA and the Black Keys, patrick carney, dan auerbach
^ Once friends, now enemies. Confucius say: A good fortune is worth a fight, but a good cookie is worth a life … or something like that.

Please allow me to point out three things that must be recognized and that also help verify that this is truly the baddest music video alive:

1. Pat Uses Chopsticks As Throwing Ninja Spears
Pat Carney, the black keys, baddest man alive
– The only thing better than the mere point (pun intended) of Pat using chopsticks as weapons is the face he makes while throwing them.

2. Limbs Are Dismantled
RZA, rips off the arm, dismembered, baddest man alive
– This poor waiter was not even involved in the fight, he was just a stupid standerby that had already gotten in the way of Pats chopsticks. Why not rip his arm off?

3. The Smoking Hot Waitress Gets Disrobed Purely for RZA’s Enjoyment
rza, ripping the clothes off a girl, baddest man alive
– “I just spouted a line about date-raping Beauty in front of the Beast and this girl standing here is gorgeous … why not rip her clothes off with one hand,” says RZA as he completely disrobes this girl with one hand.

The video is all-in-all shot incredibly well and the song, like I’ve mentioned before is top notch. There are a few surprises I did leave out as well as a perfect ending that I won’t spoil for you, but it all adds up to result in one of my favorite music videos of the year. Moral of the story: Watch this video now!!!

Video Rating: 20 Out of 11 Iron Fists to Your Face!

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