LxListening: Into the Wild

Into the Wild road trip playlist

The wife and I are embarking on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest for a wedding, making stops in 5 cities I haven’t visited yet: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Denver. So I figured 5 cities/5 songs sounds like a perfect match for a LxListening 5 song playlist. So here are 5 songs for our road trip with an artist from each city we are visiting. In prepping for this trip, I told my wife our trip would be something like the epic journey in Into the Wild minus the poison berries at the end plus a few extra supplies.


Destroyer – “Song for America”

What fits a road trip more than a song ode to this great land. Sure it comes from an abstract pop Canadian in Dan Bejar (aka Destroyer), but it salutes our great nation/continent either way. Cheeseball 80’s style music rarely sounds this good.


Fleet Foxes – “Ragged Wood”

With Seattle choice the obvious choice is to go with the early 90’s grunge gods but nothing sounds more like the Great Northwest to me more than Seattle’s own Fleet Foxes. This video is especially apropos for “Ragged Wood”with all the National Geographic photos.


Blitzen Trapper – “Wild Mountain Nation”

At some point in the trip, I plan on just settling down with the wife and becoming part of the “Wild Mountain Nation”. Portland is another music epicenter especially for high-class indie acts, but I could find no song more fitting than this one. Let your hair grow long and fill your heart’s content with Larabars and quinoa salad.


16th Horsepower – “Wayfaring Stranger”

I was just introduced recently to 16th Horsepower by a few friends, a prolific Denver alt-country band. Their version of the folk traditional “Wayfaring Stranger” fits our trip’s wandering ways.

Salt Lake City

Mormon Tabernacle Choir “Be Still, My Soul”

Just Kidding.

Book of Mormon “Two by Two”

So maybe this isn’t an artist from Salt Lake, but Mormonism sure is. I haven’t yet seen this musical, but everything I hear acclaim-wise and song-wise is overwhelmingly positive.

For more songs from these five Northwest cities, check out my 15 song Spotify Playlist.

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