Taylor Swift Review: Red

Taylor Swift
taylor swift album cover art, red, new album

The first time I really listened to Taylor Swift was last year when I heard the song “Mean”. On the surface it seemed like another sad song about a love-gone-wrong, but it turned out this catchy and clever little tune is only disguised as such. When you dig a bit deeper you find that her ulterior motives are better served as a bit of an “eff you” to all her harsher critics (including Kanye, the end all be all of critics). I thought it was a good move. I know it is a bit boastful to compare oneself to Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson, but if there is one way I am similar it lies in the irony that as he is a man who hates government, yet works for it while I am a man who hates critics, yet I write critiques for a music blog. So I really rather enjoyed hearing Taylor sing about how successful she is while all her critics are nothing but talking heads that continue to voice their loud opinions that nobody hears. Only to become exactly what she mocked in that song, I thought I would give her new album Red, a fair shake.
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse Review: Psychedelic Pill

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Psychedelic Pill

neil young and crazy horse, psychedelic pill, album, cover, art

I was a little nervous tackling Psychedelic Pill after the dump Neil Young & Crazy Horse laid with Americana earlier this year.  The covers collection of American standards made me question whether Uncle Neil had succumbed to another aneurysm and was ready to be put out to pasture.  So painful was reviewing Americana that I think I went a month without listening to On a Beach (or any Neil Young for that matter) for the first time since high school.  But you know what they say about abusive relationships, and like the guy who ran into the doorknob, I went back for more.  Because I really love Neil, and he won’t do me like that again, he’s changed.
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Upon Further Review: Road Trip Redemption

Apology Tour for past reviews

Consider this my 2012 Apology Tour. Sure I am not running for an election this year, but to keep your readership and stick to our motto of being the every man’s music blog, we wanted to start a series called “Upon Further Review”, going to the booth of former reviews and opinions we had and reversing our call. We may only be a step above the replacement officials, but at least we can admit when we get it wrong.

For this first installment, I wanted to cover three albums that I had a change of heart on my recent road trip to the Pacific Northwest. Being in the car for 70+ hours, I had plenty of time to listen to and reassess music, and here are my apologies.
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LxListening: Four Ladies and a Little Man

This post is kind of like this…but not at all.

For this week’s Lxlistening, I wanted to highlight several tracks that have come out this year whose album we failed to review.  Even though each album was noteworthy enough for me to go, “Hey guys, I’m gonna review this”, for some reason reviewing another album (or life in general) got in the way.  Good or bad (mostly good), I hoped this week to give you a some brief feelings on the album as well as the chosen track.  And yes, surprise surprise, my focus is mostly on strong female singers this week.  But hey, even the only man on the list is attracted to dudes, so I have some semblance of a theme.  Here we go.
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Top Ten Thursday: Haunting Songs for Halloween

Happy Halloween, cool halloween picture, gif, scary cat pumpkin
With All Hallows Eve on the horizon, we thought it fitting to list out our favorite tracks that best celebrate the holiday. Many, many songs were optioned for this list and the race was so tight we decided to eliminate all soundtracks or scores. It is a separate list for a different day because there are just too many good ones. Additionally almost every Odd Futre or Tyler, the Creator track was discussed to the point we decided to just list him here as his own entity. Everything that man touches sounds like a nightmare, but one in which I frequently enjoy. So without further ado, I give you are favorite tracks for any Halloween or Werewolf Bar Mitzvah alike:

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Titus Andronicus Review: Local Business

Titus Andronicus

Local Business

titus andronicus, local business, album, cover, art

Titus Andronicus has emerged two years after The Monitor with something a little more accessible in Local Business.  This comes at the expense of a very good thing Titus Andronicus had going though.  The long-form Americana punk rock, Desaparecidos-era Conor Oberst style vocals, and most of the fuzz on the guitars is mostly gone.  Insert more succinct song structure, vocals nearing on cartoonish, and cleaner instrumentation, and Local Business is a very different animal.
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The Black Keys vs RZA: The Baddest Music Video Alive

The Black Keys and RZA, The Baddest Man Alive, music video

The official soundtrack to The Man with the Iron Fists was dropped yesterday, as well as the music video for “The Baddest Man Alive” by RZA and The Black Keys. The soundtrack as well as the video are both incredibly badass, but because I essentially covered the all of the bases of soundtrack in last Friday’s LxListening, I decided to center todays focus on what should officially be known as “The Baddest Music Video Alive”.
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