Happy One Year Anniversary LxL!

american gothic parody with birthday cake

Tonight we will all drink from the chalice.  We will roast wild hare over an open pit, and feast on them without utensil, the juices slicking our arms with the sheen of victory.  We will fight bare-knuckle, urged on by spoils of our success and manly libido.  For today is the one-year anniversary of LxL, and we deserve a barbaric respite before persevering on, continuing to bring commentary on music to all ten of our loyal readers.

rabbit roasting on an open spit
The only way to eat wild hare.

In all seriousness, we are honored enough people read our entries on a a regular enough basis that we feel it is worth it to continue into our second year.  We may not exactly be a finely-tuned machine, but I am proud as hell of Todd, Wes, and myself for writing five times per week, totaling 272 posts over the course of only one year.  We of course didn’t do it all ourselves, and would also like to thank guest writers Alex, Kyle, Laurel, and Eric for their contributions during our first year.

More than anything though, I would like to say what a joy it is to discuss music (and other topics) multiple times per week with two great friends, Wes and Todd (in that order…seriously).  If this blog does nothing more than keep us in closer contact than we would be otherwise, then it has served an invaluable purpose.  Our weekly conference call to discuss the top ten list for the week and other blog-related issues is always a treat. Here are just a few highlights from our meetings:

4. Launching low-blows and developing arbitrary gang-ups on one another while ordering our lists, all with the intention of getting our own way.  Its often been said there is no level low enough to which I will not stoop in order to win an argument, even if it means bringing in personal attacks, like being born as a hermaphrodite (I’ll let you be the judge of who that is).

3. Ripping on Todd for his flurry of grammatical errors contained in the majority of his articles.  Dyslexia must have been a bitch to diagnose when we were kids, because Todd is just absolutely rotten with it.

2. Roll call.  Wes starts off every meeting by calling roll, which includes him calling his own name, giving an appropriate silence, and then saying “present”.

1. The near-weekly lambasting of Wilco, whom Wes really enjoys and me and Todd find to be the most average band in the world.  Wes is often forced to pick Wilco as his “just missed” on our top ten lists, and when we did our fantasy festival draft, I picked Wilco in the late rounds just so I could leave them off of my schedule (Wes proceeded to go silent for most of the rest of the meeting).

Jeff Tweedy: Average even in caricatures

I hope this years work on the blog will bring just as much fun (along with a sponsorship deal from Apple), and I hope everyone reading enjoys this whole deal as much as we do.  Please keep commenting, and if you haven’t done so yet, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress to be kept up to date on when our articles drop each day.  Thanks a million.

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