My Morning Jacket Chicago Show Review

My Morning Jacket with Band of Horses
Jay Pritzker Park Pavilion in Millennium Park
Chicago, IL
August 22, 2012

My Morning Jacket live in Chicago August 22nd live show review

I wasn’t planning on writing on this show – or even going to this show for that matter – but a last second cheap pair of tickets and a deep love for my morning jacket has caused me to do the opposite on both friends. Alex Thompson wrote an extensive review of a My Morning Jacket/Band of Horses show for our blog a couple weeks ago, so feel free to look at that. I will keep my thoughts short and specific to the Chicago show.

First, Pritzker Pavilion is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues, as it is nested beautifully below the skyline and is very open and wonderful sounding. So to put one of the best sounding bands in rock music on such a wonderfully acoustic stage in the open air was just a great site. Second, in the 11 times I have seen the band, this was easily the farthest back I have ever seen My Morning Jacket– front of the lawn – and it was a different experience in that respect. It has been awesome to see the band make such a slow but incredible rise, but to see them now selling out huge outdoor amphitheaters is just awesome to see; they are one of the few bands these days that has had an organic, well-deserved rise(with the Black Keys somewhat being another), and it has all been earned through their passion for music and endless hardwork on the road.

As to the set itself, now six full albums, some EPs, and several covers into their career, the band can really load up a set. It’s crazy how almost every song in their set is a live staple. As a part of their Spontaneous Curation Series, where the band has had fans pick songs for the m to play in sets, their sets have included tons of rarely played early material like “War Begun” and “I Will Be There When You Die” as well as a sublime cover of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”. They also put so many show-stopping songs back-to-back-to-back that the crowd just continued to reach new highs. For example, playing the ethereal “Steam Engine”, “Lay Low”, “Run Thru”, and ending in the rallying cry of “Gideon” before the encore is simply stunning. That would only be outdone by the encore’s finish, which went from “Wordless Chorus” into “Touch Me I’m Gonna Scream Pt. 2” into “Anytime” into the perfect show ender of “One Big Holiday” is simply outstanding.

That being said, at only about 2:15, it was actually one of the shorter Jacket shows I have seen (imagine that), and seeing it from a distance kept it from ranking among the top so many shows I have seen from them (leave that to New Year’s Eve, a Louisville homecoming show, and Bonnaroo). Again, I implore you to see these guys live, whether you like all their music or not, as chances are, their show will change your mind. Also, below is the setlist if you are interested.


Can’t Miss: ““Victory Dance”, “Lay Low”, “Rocket Man”, “Touch Me I’m Gonna Scream Pt. 2”

Can’t Hit: I don’t believe in such things


At Dawn


Holding On To Black Metal

Off the Record

War Begun

Outta My System


Rocket Man

Steam Engine

Lay Low, Run Thru


I Will Be There When You Die


Victory Dance

Touch Me I’m About To Scream Part 1

Wordless Chorus

Touch Me I’m About To Scream Part 2


One Big Holiday

*with Ben Bridwell from Band Of Horses

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Author: Wes

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5 thoughts on “My Morning Jacket Chicago Show Review”

  1. I’ve never really got on on with My Morning Jacket, but you’ve inspired me to give them another go. Or is it just because it’s such a great version of Rocket Man? Anyway, thx!

    1. Glad to hear it. Their studio work doesn’t always grab people instantly, but one time seeing them live in the right environment sort of makes you love everything they do.

  2. I bought their first three albums all at once a few years ago off the back of a good review somewhere and they didn’t make much of an impression. So I rather forgot about them. But you guys are making me think I should have another go.

    1. I would definitely give them another shot (with Z being probably their best album, also check out their live album Okonokos), and especially catch them live if they come across the pond. They stand as my favorite live band and maybe my favorite band period. They in many ways have somewhat of a cult following, with people like me catching the fever and loving pretty much anything they do or release.

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