My Morning Jacket Release Video for “Outta My System” and It Will Blow Your Face Off … and/or Head

My Morning Jacket, mmm, release video, outta my system, zach galifianakis

It’s been over a year since My Morning Jacket’s last album Circuital was dropped, and luckily we are still reaping the benefits. Today was released a video so awe-strikingly fantastic, that it shouldn’t go unwatched by anyone. The video was directed by James Frost, probably best known for his groundbreaking work on Radiohead’s “House of Cards” video where he used 3D plotting to shoot the video rather than a camera. This video was a bit more of a classic style. Just your basic psychedelic drug-induced dream sequence, but one that somehow managed to include so many things that I personally love.

First off, I’d like to preface this by saying that although I have not used any drugs today however I have been without sleep for well over 30 straight hours at this point and time. So although I am not on psychedelics, I am watching through a fairly slap-happily skewed perspective.

The video begins with Jim James in some not-so unusual attire. The furry boots he is wearing is quite the norm for his usual on-stage get-up. The song itself is essentially Jim’s admittance that although he has done some stupid things in his past, he is not ashamed of them, and is glad he got them “outta his system”. The first line of the song being, and (not so) coincidentally the only words you actually see performed by Jim in the video are “They told me not to smoke drugs, but I wouldn’t listen” as he stares into the camera lens like a mischievous adult version of Dennis the Menace. He then jumps into a glowing hole in the ground and for the rest of the video is chased by the evil wizard played by Zach Galifianakis (which no he doesn’t talk, but we still know Zach is behind the character).

The video is full of iconic MMJ images, cycloptal creatures (including Jim and the band), movie references such as the insanely trippy dimensional warp scene from 2001: A Space Odessey and possibly some Star Wars characters/speeders, heads being chopped off then reapplied, and full scrolling credentials at the end of the video. Simply put, it’s the greatest trip since we all set voyage on the Yellow Submarine. But enough hearing about it from me, check it out for yourself:

Can’t Miss Moments:

heads will roll
^Heads be rollin’
^2001: A Bass Odyssey
owl cyclops
^Owl Cyclops/My New Tattoo
^The big reveal of the ambiguous album cover + Jawas from Star Wars … of course

Video Rating: 12/11 … because it’s that kind of day today!

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