HOTT MT Show Review

The Echo
Los Angeles, CA
July 31, 2012

poster artwork for the hott mt show at the echo
Over the three years I have lived in Los Angeles, The Echo has become one of my favorite spots. Not only is it a good bar that pulls in on-point DJ’s weekly, but it is also a great concert venue that tends to pull in some pretty killer-diller shows as well. If you’re lucky, and as was the case last night, those shows are sometimes even free. Last night I met up with my good friend David at The Echo to see a band that is fronted by a good friend of his. The band was HOTT MT, otherwise known as Hour of the Time Majesty Twelve. If you don’t know of the band but this name somehow still looks familiar to you in anyway, it is probably because you are a Flaming Lips fan of sorts. Not only were they featured on the leading track of The Flaming Lips last album The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, but The Flaming Lips frontman himself Wayne Coyne guest stars in one of HOTT MT’s songs as well.

^One result of the very fortunate union between Wayne and HOTT MT … the Ke$ha connection al$o an additional (HUGE A$$) bonu$

Since I am supposed to be reviewing the show here, I will keep this brief, but the story of how HOTT MT became involved with Wayne Coyne is just too cool to simply gloss over. January 13th is Wayne Coyne’s birthday. This past January 13th, being big fans of The Flaming Lips themselves, the band members of HOTT MT decided to show their appreciation to Wayne and his music by driving to Oklahoma City (from Los Angeles) to where Wayne resides, and personally delivered him a birthday cake. The cake was well received by Wayne, and hey … why they are there, why not record a song together? So that is exactly what they did. A few months later, each band is now featured on each other’s newest albums.

^The other result of the fortunate union … unfortunately thi$ one doe$n’t involve Ke$ha

Although I was indeed told that Wayne would be there last night as a featured guest, I have to say I was not disappointed at the end of the show when he failed to make an appearance. I was entirely too delighted with the show that just took place to really give a damn to be honest. No disrespect to Wayne, I do love the man and most of his music, but HOTT MT really can handle their own. Had Wayne actually showed up, I may have overlooked how great the actual band performing was, and focused on him instead.

hott mt featuring wayne coyne from the flaming lips
Wayne Coyne featured on the single, but NOT featured in live shows … and I’m ok with it (full disclosure: I just wanted to post this picture because for a brief moment it looks like it is referring to Ft Wayne, Indiana (my hometown))

The show began with lead singer introducing it as a pool party, as well as a new record release party for their newest record. All the musicians dressed in their pool attire began noodling around with their instruments, and just as they all came together to thrash out the opening riff, another gentleman bursted forth with a “HOTT MT” flag flying high as he dashed around the venue. This surprisingly (and awesomely) did not stop for the entire show. He maintained stamina to wave that flag while running around for the remaining 45 minutes or so. From the get-go I could tell I would like this band. The intense yet lovely/hot blonde that is their lead singer has quite the in-your-face attitude that she maintains very well throughout the show. By the third song she was on ground level, pushing fans in the front few rows in what looked like an attempt to get them to move around. Unfortunately, she must have forgotten that she was indeed in Los Angeles, where crowds are notoriously awful, and no matter how much said crowd may be enjoying the show, they still don’t like to prove it.

HOTT MT’s sound is fairly influenced by The Flaming Lips, their love for them rang obvious. However, it is not quite so much on the poppy side, and rather leaning more heavy towards noisy punk music. Very distorted and heavy baselines tend to fill the air here and there, while noisy guitar riffs flood in to fill the rest of the space. Drums alternate back and forth from electronic to the raw kit, and the keys are pretty standard, but synthy. The only thing that was lacking was the vocals, but this is not the fault of our lovely leading lady, but rather the mix at The Echo. Unfortunately her vocals were somewhat suffocating in the midst of the rest of the sound cloud, but what you could hear sounded good. What was impossible to miss was the two glass shattering screams she pierced forth with some wicked fury. That along with the mask of fake blood that covered her face by the end of the night were definitely the most surprising factors of the show, but certainly pleasant surprises to say the least.

picture of hott mt
^Really wish I would have taken my own pictures. She has a pretty face but it looked pretty killer with blood all over it!

I can easily see why Wayne was not hesitant to bring them on board. I have still yet to hear their actual recorded work aside from some quick snippets I just previewed and “Never Hate Again”. But their live shows are edgy, extremely fun, and have a distinctive distorted brand of power-pop-noise-punk that seems rare these days. They have another gig lined up at The Echo and one at Satellite according to their website. My suggestion is that if you are in the area, it is certainly worth stopping by.
Live Show Rating: 9/11

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