Passion Pit Review: Gossamer

Passion Pit
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I still remember the last few months of my college career like it was yesterday. Lots of friends, lots of “last times”, a lot of avoiding school work, too much of fun, a shit-ton of dancing, and a copious amount of drinking. Somewhere in the mix Passion Pits little EP found its way into my routine. Mostly correlated with the drinking/dancing. Chunk of Change was a pretty overly intense amount of fun to pack into 6 songs, but it really did the trick and made its mark. It also built expectations extremely high for Passion Pit’s first LP, which Manners did not live up too in many ways. Between the disappointment of Manners and the hideous excuse for a live performance I witnessed at Coachella 2 years ago, I was certainly expecting to be able to simply write this new album off the moment I hit play. Much to my dismay (I was really rather hoping to rip this album for some reason) I’ve seemed to have gotten a bit “carried away” by this album … very unexpectedly.

ariel disney character singing, performing, little mermaid
^Michael Angelakos performing “Carried Away”
Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty to rip on with Gossamer. First and foremost, there are some points of the album in which you really have to question whether you are listening to a Disney soundtrack or not (i.e. “On My Way”). Honestly, if there was anymore pop packed into this album, Miley Cyrus (that’s a thing right?) would need an “inspiration from” credit. The thing that pulls the listeners head out of the figurative Disney clouds is the content. Michael Angelakos actually addresses some heavy issues within the lyrics of this album, while never managing to lose an overly optimistic/poppy attitude. He even is able to pull in his alcohol abuse and drug dependency (not illegal drug use, he has a prescription for bi-polar disorder) with such light heartedness you’d think it was all normal. In fact, that is exactly when I realized that there was actually quite a bit about this album to like. Not that he makes light of the fact that he has these problems, but more the acknowledgment that he isn’t afraid to expose himself. It instantly makes the album more personal and easier to connect to. It’s like he just busts out the gate saying, “hey I’m pretty messed up (like all of us are) but let me try and be happy anyways.” This attitude really helps carry the album to an enjoyable level of listening.

^Good example of that good attitude … and still fun whilst being the slowest song on the album.

Aside from the content, there are a few beats to find enjoyment in as well. One good move he made was not constantly going to an extreme falsetto with his vocals. This way the content from this album should be much more manageable to sing when it comes time to throw down on a live show. My biggest qualm is that Michael doesn’t seem to ever get as creative as his finer moments in Chunk of Change. Which was also the problem with Manners. It kind of seems that he creatively peaked before he even truly began. Nonetheless, there still are quite a few of danceable moments in the album, which always provides for a groovin’ good time.

I can’t imagine the sensational feeling this album leaves you with lasting too long. My guess is that it will be a helluva lot of fun for a while, then dwindle down to a few tracks to resort back too every once in a while. One thing is for sure, if you need a quick pick-me-up, it is definitely a good option to turn too. I just wouldn’t expect any of the songs to have the same longevity as any of the six tracks from that first little EP.


Can’t Miss: “I’ll Be Alright”, “Constant Conversations” , “It’s Not My Fault, I’m Happy”, “Carried Away”

Can’t Hit: “On My Way”, “Love Is Greed”

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