LxListening: Hot Hot Heat

funny cartoon of sun and hot weather

No, this is not a playlist of all Hot Hot Heat songs – though I did consider it. Rather, with all the record-breaking highs of unforgivable heat, I thought it only appropriate to provide a 5 song playlist fit for this sort of whether. The following playlist is all themed around our ridiculous current weather.

Sly & the Family Stone – “Hot Fun in the Summer Time”

About as timeless as it gets when it comes to summer songs. Sly never ever seem to get their proper due when the all-timers are discussed, and we plan to help fix that. While much of Sly’s music was socially active, “Hot Fun” is just a laid-back, sun-drenched soul song for all to enjoy.

The Kinks – “Sunny Afternoon”

I’ve been on a huge Kinks kick lately, and “Sunny Afternoon” is just one of those prototypical Kinks-ian singles with all the humor and swing of a good show tune. Interesting enough, this song was a bit of a response to the Beatles “Taxman”, complaining about the high levels of progressive tax taken at that time in Britain.

Sun Kil Moon – “Sunshine In Chicago”

I’ve always really liked Mark Kozelek (formerly of Red House Painters) and his various projects, and his latest Sun Kil Moon album, Among the Leaves, is no exception. Sure it isn’t sunny in tone or sound whatsoever, but the song title is appropriate to the crazy amount of sun we have gotten in Chicagoland.

SBTRKT – “Heatwave”

I really got into SBTRKT (pronounced “subtract”) earlier this year, but never had the chance to review an album. Instead, I figured this was as good a time as any to highlight their infectious brand of R&B electronic dance music. SBTRKT’s self-titled debut is perfect for the gym, the club, or a late night drive through the city.

Hot Hot Heat – “Talk To Me, Dance With Me”

Ok, so I couldn’t help myself. These guys were really good for about an album and a half, but I am convinced I could still throw Make Up The Breakdown in today and thrash for a half hour. “Talk To Me, Dance With Me” is the finest of the ten songs that make up Make Up, and is a quality 2:48 of feverish dance rock energy.

To get more sun-drenched songs, check out my 15 song Spotify playlist.

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Author: Wes

Hoosier. Writer. Music Buff. Media Man. Tourist. Polar Bear.

4 thoughts on “LxListening: Hot Hot Heat”

  1. The Kinks were such an under-rated band I think. I started listening to them a couple of years back although I had read about and heard of them for years.

    Is “Sunshine In Chicago” a typical Sun Kil Moon song? I love the sound of that.

    And it looks like the weather – heat there, no rain here – is a hot topic right now :-)

    1. I would agree. Kinks never got their whole due.

      “Sunshine In Chicago” is very prototypical Sun Kil Moon. Kind of the same vibe for much of their stuff.

  2. Man, You better tell Austin to shut up…

    PS: I wish you and the other gentlemen who run this website good luck (minus Austin)

    Good luck with the website

    Best regards


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