Top Ten Thursday: Best Albums of 2012….so far

It is a little over halfway through 2012 and a large breadth of music has been released in this time.  This of course means that it is time to list what, in our opinion, are the best albums so far this year.  We do this not to proselytize our readers into congratulating us on our superb music tastes, but instead to evaluate the current musical landscape.  Today’s list will also provide some loose guidelines for when we do make our end of the year list – although it is merely a predictor and not definitive on how we will feel at the end of the year.

So how do we feel about the slate of releases thus far in 2012?  I think Todd, Wes, and I all agree 2012 started out on a dreadfully slow note, with few albums of true note being released in January and February.  Thankfully, there has been a rash of good albums to come out in the past 2-3 months to help pick up the slack a little bit.  The thing was, though, when we unveiled our individual lists to each other, we were hard-pressed to decide on any unequivocally great albums, except maybe our #1.  Plenty of albums that we all enjoyed, or thought were “good”.  But not a lot of instant classics, or at least that all three of us could agree are classics.

Hopefully this somewhat muddled picture of 2012 will begin to become clearer the more we familiarize ourselves with everything that has been released.  More importantly, we look forward to some of the upcoming albums that we haven’t even had the opportunity to love yet.  Enjoy, and as always feel free to critique us on what we missed or erred in including.

10.  Frankie Rose – Interstellar

frankie rose interstellar album cover art

Todd described Interstellar, Frankie Rose’s second solo album, as somewhat of a less complex Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (M83).  This is a fair comparison, but in some regards I do think Frankie pushed herself very hard to make something a little less poppy than her Dum Dum Girls roots, and in effect, a more resonating experience as a whole.

9.  The Chromatics – Kill For Love

chromatics kill for love album cover art

The Chromatics took a chance and it paid off while covering Neil Young’s “Into the Black” to open Kill for Love.  Leaving a personal stamp on a classic song and then parlaying that into some of the most satisfying electro-pop of the year.  Come to check out the cover, and then stay for every last drop of goodness The Chromatics have to offer.


8.  Spiritualized – Sweet Heart Sweet Light

spiritualized album cover art

Spiritualized frontman, Jason Pierce, underwent treatment for degenerative liver disease between albums.  Sweet Heart Sweet Light is the culmination of his experiences consisting of trade-offs between unbearable darkness and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Such personal experiences brought us one of the most heart-felt and moving records to be released thus far this year.

7.  Japandroids – Celebration Rock

japandroids celebration rock album cover art

I saw the new movie Ted last night, and there was a scene where the stuffed bear is naming the different strains of pot from which he made his purchase.  Three of them were “gorilla panic”, “we’re coming for you”, and “this is permanent”.  For some reason I feel all of these terms can accurately describe Celebration Rock, which includes tracks titled “Adrenaline Nightshift” and “Continuous Thunder”. It doesn’t hurt that their sound is equally loud and glorious live.

6.  Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music

killer mike rap music album cover art

R.A.P. Music , along with #2 on this list, are the two albums that really led the charge in bringing hip-hop back to respectability for 2012.  Actually, respectability is too mild a term, because Killer Mike’s best album to date hits so hard and consistently that it could easily have competed for best hip-hop album in most of the past 10 years or so.  We are all looking forward to where Killer Mike’s career takes off from here.


5.  Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself

andrew bird break it yourself album cover art

While not my particular cup of tea, even I have to admit Break It Yourself represents a culmination of an intensely talented artist who has consistently improved, and now rests at the top of his game.  If you are looking for something new on this list to listen to that can only be described as beautiful, Break It Yourself, with its combination of violin and beautifully accented vocals, is the album to explore.

4.  Daughn Gibson – All Hell

daughn gibson album cover art

Talk about coming out of nowhere.  Only Daughn Gibson’s parents and a few close friends even knew his name before All Hell changed the game and put a legitimate stamp on what an interesting and progressive country album can look like.  EMA was my breakout darling last year, and I hope that this time next year, Gibson will hold a similar place in my heart.


3.  Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel…

fiona apple the idler wheel album cover art

Fiona Apple returned from her extended hiatus with a bang this year, releasing what we believe to be her best album yet.  At first I thought it may be a little too simple and safe, but after extended listenings, it is apparent that The Idler Wheel is the richest and most self-assured work Apple has released to date.  Hopefully we can get another Apple album in <5 years.

2.  El-P – Cancer 4 Cure

el-p cancer 4 cure album cover art

It is unreal how much my original tepid response to El-P’s latest has changed since my first listen.  After a period of thinking Cancer 4 Cure was just okay, I joined my blog-mates and after a few extra listens changed my whole perspective on sh*t.  With ultra-dense production and interesting, albeit sometimes nonsensical, lyrics, El-P has put himself firmly in the lead for best hip-hop album of 2012.

1.  Jack White – Blunderbuss

jack white blunderbuss album cover art

While none of us had Blunderbuss at the very front of our personal lists, it was near enough the top on all of them to be the runaway consensus number one overall.  No doubt White’s best full album since his White Stripes days, Blunderbuss brings the variety and mind-searing, blues-based orchestrations that was just what the doctor ordered.  The album that just right Americana mix of hearty country, raw emotion blues,  Stonesy freewheeling rock ‘n’ roll, and even a dash of show tunes. For the second half of 2012, someone is going to have to bring their A-game to dethrone the king.


Just Missed

Wes:  Hot Chip – In Our Heads

In Our Heads is one of those albums where the proximity of its release to this list and some unfamiliarity with it may be some cause for being left off.  I will say I am a pinch surprised that after all of Wes’ big talk about The Alabama Shakes, he was able to leave that pile just-above-average pony-loaf off of his just missed entry.

Todd:  Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror

sleigh bells reign of terror album cover art

Reign of Terror may not be the jolt of lightning that Sleigh Bell’s debut, Treats, was, but it still stands on its own merit as a solid release.  Let’s put it this way; at least Sleigh Bells now have enough material to draw out their awesome live show to over an hour now, instead of the amazing, but less than ideal, under 45-minute shows they were able to pull off with just Treats under their belt.

Austin:  Beach House – Bloom

beach house bloom album cover art

On the strength of “Myth” and “Lazuli” alone, I think Bloom deserves a place within the top ten.  In fact, I want to wake up to Bloom’s opener, “Myth”, every day for the rest of my life, and most days would probably choose for Bloom to keep playing afterwards.  This is all saying a lot seeing that I was not as huge of a proponent of Teen Dream as most.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this list, you may be interested in checking out our Top 5 Favorite Songs of 2012 … so far.

And if you’re like us and can’t read enough good things about Mr. Jack White’s wonderful album Blunderbuss, feast your eyes on our monstrous Jack White Review Royale.

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150 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday: Best Albums of 2012….so far”

  1. Great list. I’d say you can’t forget Polica “Give You The Ghost,” Alabama Shakes “Boys & Girls,” or Lost in the Trees “A Church That Fits Our Needs.” Then again, it’s early in the year, time will tell what else is going to be awesome. At the end of the day though, you can’t go wrong with Jack White…

    1. Wow…great call on that Lost in the Trees album. Two tracks in, and instantly hooked. I had not even heard of them before. This is exactly the reason why I love it when people comment.

      1. Glad to hear there’s a mutual enjoyment for that awesome album. So far, it’s my favorite of the year, but we’ve still got some months left for more great tunes.

      2. I haven’t stopped listening to this album since I saw your comment. I may be jumping the gun, but I may already put it in my top 5 of the year so far. The song “Garden” is a beauty.

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  2. Kill for Love is like Ivy fronting the J&M Chain – cool! Thanks for highlighting new sounds!

  3. God, I’m old. I’m only familiar with #1 and #3… and I keep reading reviews that #3 isn’t that good. Thanks for the post.

    1. I would give Fiona a couple listens through and decide for yourself. Strange you have seen negative reviews. Most stuff I have read has been overwhelmingly positive and it has a metacritic score of 90.

  4. Thanks for the list.

    A few other thoughts …
    ‘Weather Systems’ Anathema
    ‘Crimes and Reasons’ Steve Thorne
    ‘Storm Corrosion’ Storm Corrosion
    ‘Flying Colors ‘ Flying Colors


  5. Thanks for the list! Lots of new stuff to explore!
    Some other thoughts …
    Anathema ‘Weather Systems’
    Steve Thorne ‘Crimes and Reasons’
    Storm Corrosion ‘Storm Corrosion’
    Flying Colors ‘Flying Colors’

  6. I love 5 out of your top ten selections and I guess that’s pretty good considering for differences in everyone’s taste.

    I love the Japandroids album. I have had it on repeat for two weeks now!

    Spiritualized put out a great album!

    I also am liking the new finds in the albums by the Chromatics, Jack White, and Frankie Rose.

    Thanks for a great list!

    1. Thank you for the read, and the comment! We were actually surprised with how much our opinions different as well. Out of the 3 of us, we all had drastically different individual Top 10’s. Glad to hear you agree with half!

    1. I’m currently just not familiar enough yet to put it on my list, but by the end of the year we’ll see what happens

  7. very good article i like r.a.p music album by killer mike also please check out my blog i would love the reviews ty :D its username:buddyblue12

  8. What is the point of starting a blog and plugging everything we can already find on pitchfork. The list doesnt provide anything anyone who likes music doesnt already know about. Sorry

    1. You do realize Pitchfork reviews 25 albums per week (not to mention all the individual track reviews and news) and consists of a staff of full-time employees, right? In fact, it would be somewhat difficult to not overlap the majority of the albums we review/plug with the material Pitchfork covers.

      Thanks for the input from an esteemed blogger with something like 8 total posts all-time, which effectively renders his website name completely inert. French Canadians, I’ll tell ya what.

  9. I’m glad to see Blunderbuss claim the number one spot. I figure I’ve listened to the album about 150 times since purchasing it and discover something new and amazing every time I press play.

    People were expecting huge things from Jack White and he certainly delivered.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed and thanks for sharing the top 10 of 2012 thus far.

  10. Okay….I can dig it, especially Hot Chip (didn’t know they had a new album), Beach House and Chromatics! But what about: White Cars’ “Everyday Grace” — It’s sooooo good. You have to consider it, we’re almost already in July!

    1. I love the boss but ‘Wrecking Ball’ didn’t do it for me for some reason. I loved a few tracks on it, but liked Working On A Dream a bit more.

      1. Working on a Dream was a pretty good album, love Outlaw Pete…but I still think that Wrecking Ball was strong, Jack of All trades, Wrecking Ball and Death to My Hometown are cracking tracks.

      2. Fair enough. Maybe I hold something against Wrecking Ball because it has “Rocky Ground” on it.

      1. Me too. At first I thought it wasn’t one of my favs, but the more I listen to it, the more I think it might be a top ten contender. I’ve been listening to Daughn Gibson all day thanks to you guys, that’s definitely one of my new favs.

  11. My most listened to of the year so far are the Spiritualized, oM’s Paralytic Stalks and Magnetic Fields’ Love at the Bottom of the Sea.

    Looking forward to the new Dirty Projectors next month.

    (oh, and much fangirl squeeing at the Weakerthans heading back to the studio)

  12. Personally, I’m a big fan of Jack White, and do like Fiona Apple very much. Also big fan of The Kills. Love Alabama Shakes debut album – Boys & Girls. They are on my personal top ten of 2012….so far.

  13. First time to the Little by Listen blog and I’m enjoying the different flavours of the songs you have selected for the first part of 2012. For the moment I’ll make one comment on one of the songs in the list, which I’m paraphrasing via a common I read by someone else on YouTube, however I think it crystallizes my take on Killer Mike’s “Big Beast” too, which stated; “this song disturbs me in the right way”

  14. Austin is right on with Beach House. Perfume Genius belongs on this list. Also underrated: John Talabot- Fin and Burial- Kindred

  15. Good choices, I really need to get round to that Japandroids album..

    A few of others that I’ve really loved this year that you may want to take a listen to are;
    Roman Ruins – Homebuilding
    Professor Penguin – Planes
    Sameblod – Braided Memos
    Conveyor – Conveyor (out July 17 but currently streaming on exfm)

    I would absolutely recommend checking out the new EP by Public Service Broadcasting as well, called The War Room.

    Right, I’m off to look at your tracks now…

  16. Great list, Blunderbuss is truly fantastic! Loved White’s live performances on Jools Holland, his band is crazy in the best way.

    I think you’ve missed a couple of gems though – The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit (whose first album was produced by White, coincidentally), and An Awesome Wave by alt-J (∆).

    1. Thanks for the kind words. You are definitely right about Lion’s Roar. A really great record I am just diving into. Haven’t listened to the alt-J record but will check it out.

  17. Found your blog off of ‘Freshly Pressed,’ and, as someone who doesn’t get outside of working in the hospital much, I enjoyed a chance to hear some snippets of music I’ve missed in the outside world. Thanks!

  18. I love this list of yours and also some of the recommendations from readers in their comments.

    Wonder if you considered ‘WIXIW’ by Liars, Shearwater’s ‘Animal Joy’, ‘Nootropics’ by Lower Dens, Lee Ranaldo’s ‘Between The Times And The Tides’?

    1. Hey Dying Note, haven’t had enough listens with Liars, but considered Shearwater and Lower Dens. Haven’t heard the Lee Ranaldo album though.

  19. Bringing hip hop back to respectability? The condescension is palpable. Maybe if all you listen to is the commercial stuff then ok. Anyways, Santogold released a brilliant album this year, check it out.

    1. Here is our review of Lana’s album. I really liked the four songs on her EP, but then for the LP, I felt like she just put those four songs and tacked on like 11 others that weren’t nearly as good but sounded alike.

      1. what about her other stuff? from before she was lana del rey? like the May Jailer stuff and the Lizzie Grant stuff, my fav is Pawn Shop Blues.

  20. So, Your telling me, No mainstream artists other than Fiona Apple made it onto this list. What sort of list is this? I mean I understand if this is an alternative music list but barely any of these guys have more than 1 million followers on twitter. What about statistics? Where are the big guys in the music industry like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran. What happened it to the mainstream. Now I might be mistaken if this is a list for alternative artists but statistic-wise, sales-wise and in my opinion, None of these albums should be on this list other than Fiona Apple, Japansdroid and Killer Mike. But I applaud your writing technique! The way you write catches the audience! Nicely Done!

    1. Can’t really tell whether you are being facetious or not. Are you really telling us we should base our list on who has the most twitter followers? We disagree vehemently.

      Also, who the hell is Ed Sheeran?

      1. Okay, So the Twitter fact was a bad one but still, statistic-wise, none of these albums have sold more than 50,000 copies. I guarantee none of them have also made the billboard top 100. I’m only judging your list by my opinion. Maybe to some, this is correct, I’m just saying – to me – the list is missing some key albums. Anyways, I still think your writing style is amazing!

        Have a good day!

      2. Just stating my opinion. Big words won’t help your argument!
        Great writing, though. Once again,

      3. Speaking as another member of the blog on behalf of our list. Jack White, our number 1 choice, was #1 on the Billboard charts the week it released. He is headlining numerous festivals and one of the biggest names in rock music. Almost every album on our list at least made the Billboard 100 upon release. That being said, whether they did or not I don’t believe to be a valid argument though, especially in today’s music landscape when the Billboard charts don’t at all tell the whole picture. Thanks for the kind words though.

      4. I agree. But still, you never see these guys winning Grammies like Adele, or headlining a very important award show like the MMVA’s or the Billboard Awards. Now maybe Jack White was number 1 but for how long. And sure, these albums have had a spot on the billboard top 100 but again, I think that was at a low rank. Sure, the Billboard ranks don`t tell the whole picture but iTunes charts, award wins, other statistical websites and album sales still prove that these are not the top 10 albums of the year, so far.

      5. I think Jack White will no doubt be nominated for Best Album at next year’s Grammy’s. I also think the Grammy’s are a terrible reflection of the state of music, as they have gotten it wrong time and time again (see our post on this subject), though I do think they got it right with Adele.

      6. Wes. You ARE the nicest on this website. Believe me. Even comment post-ers get rude!

      7. Hey, Wes

        Just wanted to say, even though having an argument with Austin and you. Just wanted to say the blog has caught my attention. I really want to listen to Jack White – Any song recommendations?

        PS: Really? Insulting other people’s countries just crossed the line. I mean is that how pathetic author’s on your site can get? Believe me, all Canadian’s that visit the site from now on, will bee offended by that comment that Austin wrote.

        Anyways, it seems that Austin gave up and is ready to throw in the towel. So, just wanted to wish you, Austin and the other gentleman who writes along side you the best of luck with the website. Although, Austin really crossed the line!!

        Best Regards

      8. The fact that you don’t know who Ed Sheeren is – Austin – is kind of mind boggling! He is a British R&B/Soul/Country artist who has over 50 million Youtube views on one video and more than 1 million followers. Which after my reseach, none of these artists have..

    2. As an outsider overstepping her bounds and jumping in for a second, it does clearly say in the second sentence “This of course means that it is time to list what, in our opinion, are the best albums so far this year.” (emphasis mine)

      They aren’t under any obligation to represent chart listings at all, since this post is up front, clearly the opinion of the gentlemen who write this blog.

      1. I think I know that but what I am trying to say is, you should back up your opinion with a few statistics and after doing my research – which actually interested me to listen to some of these artists – NONE of these have record sales over 75 k and have a fan base over 1 million. I mean you should really, prove your point with statistics. I mean to me, based on statistics, Believe – Justin Bieber is the best album of the year (350 000 in sales) I also have an opinion that people may not agree with but I should bring statistics to the table.

        But the author’s have really good techniques to getting me hooked to their blog! Even though I disagree, this website has me as a fan!

      2. I don’t understand why an opinion must be backed up with statistics, though.

        I’m sure that many people have differing opinions on their favourite albums/books/movies of all time, but that doesn’t make any one of them wrong, because it’s an opinion.

      3. True. But the fact that all these albums are horrible and that none of them had sales and that all these artists have very little fan bases makes everyone agree that this opinion is a little off.

      4. Not everyone, please don’t presume to speak for everyone. Just because an independent artist doesn’t have the force of a capital R Record Company’s marketing department behind them doesn’t mean they’re not any good. Once again, this whole post was about the opinion of the three gentlemen who WRITE THIS BLOG. Not the crap that tweens and the mass media want everyone to buy into.

      5. Okay. So, let’s say no Katy Perry or Bieber or no GaGa or Usher. Let’s take off all mainstream artists that tweens would find appealing or mass media-ish. What about Deadmau5? A guy who wears a dang mouse on his head has sold more records than this whole list combined and has no marketing and half his fan base doesn’t even no who it is. Have you seen Deadmau5 in any commercials?

        Secondly, what about Skrillex? The guy has piercings everywhere but still has more Youtube views, fans and albums sales than Jack White. And his albums only carry 7 songs.

        I’m not saying this list is wrong, I KNOW I am wrong! What I’m trying to say is just if the authors put down some stats that proved there album skill in his list maybe I would have agreed. Once again, I AM WRONG!

        Stats would be nice, though.

      6. Okay, you fail to comprehend that statistics are necessary to prove FACTS. There shouldn’t be any reason someone should have to prove an OPINION.

        I think you’re not only wrong, but confused as to what certain words mean. Certainly, the meaning of “in our opinion” is completely lost on you. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t even be having this ridiculous conversation.

      7. I JUST SAID I WAS WRONG! I’m just saying opinions should be backed up. High school knowledge…

      8. o·pin·ion/əˈpinyən/
        1. A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

        Um…again, opinions don’t have to be backed up. Just stop.

      9. High school knowledge seems to be something your having trouble with. OPINIONS NEED TO BE BACKED UP! Have you ever heard a leader say “we need to stop the oil sands”

        yeah.. great… WHY?

      10. You are clearly having trouble, so all you could do was bring in the aid of a dictionary. Nice.

      11. And how do you get all these fans with all your swearing?

        DUDE, calm down. It’s a discussion…

        Man, Wes was so much nicer..

      12. And if he is a shittier Jason Mraz/Maroon 5/Howie Day, how come your whole list is junk compared to him?

      13. And if statistics were not in music, people would be able to say Elmo is the greatest artist of life. Dude, statistics help…

      14. Oh and Austin. If a Toyota Camry’s statistics prove that it is the best car. Best gas mileage, best fuel efficiency, best in car GPS, it is the best car, hands down!

      15. Firstly, the fact that you have to stoop to low-down, swearing, nonsense insults is pathetic. Maybe, if you listened to what the commenting person is trying to say you would understand. But you don’t. Are you sure you have ears? Anyways, as you can see in the many comments above (which I swear are pretty funny), I SAID I WAS WRONG! All I’m trying to state is that if you had statistics then you would have a backed up your opinion. It clearly seems that you have barely any high-school knowledge as it seems you don’t know what it means to “back up your opinion”.

        Secondly, the fact that you’re guessing my occupation and age based on my username proves how dumb people can get. Like you said: “Stupidity is an epidemic”

        Third, I actually hate all the movies you just stated:

        Transformers: Fine you got me there!
        Phantom of the menace: What the hell is that
        Pirates of the Carribean: I despise it!

        I don’t base everything on statistics. I prefer Marvel movies over DC. MY OPINION. Now, you’re ego is probably going to say “oh but what about statistics and why is your opinion correct”

        Now like a smart person, I will back it up with a statistic and a reason. Marvel has made more money than DC. And I also prefer their superheroes. That is how you back an opinion up!

        Finally, I don’t search up stupid, annoying words that annoying people use just so they have enough time to think of a comeback. NO ONE USES THE WORD RUSE.

        Get in with the lingo, and as for this forum, I’m having fun, but one more your opinion would fail if this was a school project because you have no reasoning behind it.

        Smart much?

        Oh yeah, and notice how I didn’t swear at all, but still replied. Yeah, maybe you could try that too.

      16. Let me address your nonsensical stream of thought bullshit in order:

        You don’t usually use statistics to back up opinions. Supporting opinions with sound reasoning and rationale thought may give an opinion more weight, but opinions are opinions. You may possibly use statistics to back up facts. I think you have a general misunderstanding between the two. Also, statistics are not the only way to back up facts. One may also back up facts with other facts. Music is subjective and therefore most people will differ on their tastes. You are more than welcome to tell us/me that you believe we have bad taste. I will simply respond with the same charge.

        I have more than a high school-level education level, as do all the contributors thus far on our site. But we do welcome persons of any education level that can write well and form rationale opinions. That is all that need be said about that.

        Thank you for repeating my statement. I take it as meaning you have come to understand you are part of the problem.

        It’s Phantom Menace, not Phantom of the Menace. It is part of a movie franchise called Star Wars, and is one of the top ten grossing movies ever, and is just plain awful.

        I could care less which comic movies you prefer, but since it is opinion there is no need to back it up with facts, and in particular stupid facts like which made more money. It is of my opinion that V For Vendetta is the best comic-to-film translation, and I have no idea how much money it made. The acting, writing, and action was superb and that is all I care to evaluate. Not the box office receipts. This is point I’m trying to make. How many best picture winners also made the most money in that particular year? Not very many. In the same vein, it is not a fact that the Oscar winner for best picture is the best movie of the year. It is a fact that more voters had the opinion that the winner was the best movie. See where I’m going with this?

        I apologize for writing eloquently, and using words that you fail to grasp. And please show me some statistics to back up your point that no one uses the word ruse. I use the word ruse, and use it appropriately.

        If all the writing we do was a school project, that would mean I was in school, which would really blow. I have gone through enough schooling to produce sentences that are lucid and grammatically correct, which is more than I can say for you.

        You are a terrible communicator. You lack any semblance of logic. I believe your opinions are brutal. And you have a basic misunderstanding of the concept of facts vs. opinions.

        Eagerly Awaiting the Day You Find Yourself Not In Our Comment Section,


      17. Okay. Now I know that you are a cocky, arrogant, annoying person. I can just imagine you having a spaz attack at the keyboard. Hey Austin, how many keyboard keys did you break?

        Next, dude your telling me that my logic and my brain are brutal. Your the one still stuck in the 1600’s, talking like Shakespeare! I mean SHUT UP! We are in the darn 21st century!

        Eloquently, ruse. Man, if this is how you talk when you are texting, man I can’t even imagine your bill!

        Secondly, I read the message twice and found this:

        “And please show me some statistics to back up your point that no one uses the word ruse”


        Oh, I’m a terrible communicator. Dude, your using words that half the population would have to looks through a computer to understand!

        5th, this is a compliment, so don’t hurt the keyboard! I recall you saying that V for Vendetta is the best comic to movie! Now you also backed it up by saying great writing, etc. See, if that is how you wrote the music list, then I would have gone like “Cool, but I prefer these albums” THATS ALL!

        But all you said, “this is good, jack white deserves it” No backing up! First you tell me to back up about my opinion on ruse, then you say that I don’t!

        WELL, what is it?

        Finally, you correcting the name of the movie that you hate… Come on man that’s just sad!

        And last but not least, “Thank you for repeating my statement” DUDE! Have you not heard about SARCASM? You can use big words that no one understands but can’t understand a simple one like SARCASM!

        Eagerly Awaiting the Day You Stop Talking Like Shakespeare and Learn How To Talk Like A Human Being


      18. Let me once again answer in order:

        Cocky? Yeah. Arrogant? A bit. Annoying? Sure, but only if you choose to keep coming back.

        Spaz attack? You are the one that writes in all caps and also writes comments in a row without a response. You are clearly upset, and this delights me.

        Did you just compare me to Shakespeare and consider it an insult? Because while I certainly am not near that level, I take the comparison as a great compliment.

        “No one uses the word ruse” is an example of an assertion of fact. You still fail to grasp the distinction between fact and opinion. Let me give you an example. “I think watermelon is the worst tasting type of melon” is an opinion. “No one likes watermelon” is an assertion of fact, but not a fact. Assertions of fact are the worst type of statement, unless they contain support. Our album list is not an assertion of fact, it is simply a list of our tastes.

        I don’t think all that many people would have to look up many words I use. Because, you know, most people have read a book. Most people have even read a play or two; maybe some Shakespeare.

        We linked every entry in our list to the review we put out for that album. If you want more information/analysis on why we like/love an album, go check out the full review.

        You are the purest form of simpleton known to man. After perusing your website for a moment, I figured out why. You’re a Canadian, and I just want you to know it’s not your fault. Your website kind of creeps me out, and I can surmise that you are probably a Newfoundlander who has been banned from practicing sodomy (which has to be tough for a full-blown sodomite). All you really do is link to other worthless trash without providing insightful commentary. But you know, you definitely got me hooked on letting my stopwatch run. You also link to an article with a list of Canadian artists that are dominating. Sorry to hurt your national pride, but most of those artists are just trash. Maybe we will do a list of best artists from Canada, and Neil Young can be the first 9 entries, with Bryan Adams being the 10th.

        Anyway, pretty sure you are in high school at the oldest after looking at your website, and want to avoid angry emails from your shitty parents when you tell on me, so please confirm that you’re not if you want to continue getting responses.

        You are a big bowl of yuck.


      19. Okay.

        Let me answer your senseless reply.

        Spaz attack? Dude, I may write in capitals but that isn’t compared to you swearing. Swearing is worse than capitals. I write in capitals to make a point to stupid people like you. But I haven’t stooped low enough, that I would swear at you.

        Upset? Really? I’m laughing at your pathetic responses!

        And if you think being compared to Shakespeare is an insult, go ahead. Maybe if you said that on Television, I would believe it. You clearly seem offended, so you’re trying to turn the comeback around. Nice.

        Now, no one uses ruse is an opinion, Not an assertion of fact. My opinion is that no one uses ruse and I have proof. 1 out of 1700 people uses the word ruse.

        Dude, I’ve probably read more books and plays than you. So, you have no point there.

        Ok. Now this is just inappropriate. Since, you had no comeback, you checked out my website and insulted everything on there because most of the content was linked. Why do you think they allow it to be linked? What is the damn reason that there is a share button that also allows WordPress sharing. It’s because they allow it! Genius, if they didn’t allow it, I wouldn’t post it and as you can see, most of those linked articles have over 500 views per week. So, yeah people like them!

        On a side-note, thanks for the compliment on the stopwatch!

        Now, this was just sad. You had no other comeback, so you had no dignity and respect and dissed a country. That is so pathetic. Do you not have any respect or dignity. SAD. Just sad. Now, I’m not saying I’m Canadian, as you said I do link those articles, but that was just low. At least when I reply and can’t think of any reply, I don’t insult your home country. Pathetic. All your Canadian viewers will take offense to that.
        And you also singled out a province, pathetic! I don’t even know what the hell a sodomite is! Please don’t go explain it to me because I know you full of B.S.

        But insulted a country and a province! Man, you have to be one low no-respect, no-dignity kind-of-guy!

        Before you thought, I was a father, now you think I’m a high school kid. What the hell is it? Maybe I am maybe I’m not.

        Also, all those Canadian artists, make better music than you, Can sing better than you and make more money than you ever will. Dude, those artists have more fans than all your fans website’s combined. So, I wouldn’t criticize them!

        Oh! And assuming that I’m from Canada, sad!

        Dude, it seems that you have no fight left in you and that you have no comebacks left! (Other than swearing at people’s parents, insulting their countries, and more)
        So, I’m assuming your giving up! At least I have enough respect and dignity that I didn’t insult whatever country your from and didn’t insult your parents! So shut up!

        Anyways, if you are throwing in the towel, just wanted to wish good luck to You, Wes and the other gentleman who runs this website along side you.

        But man, you really are a low-down, pathetic person. Next time, have even the little-est respect for people even during an argument type conversation!

        Best Regards

      20. I made it very clear in my last response that I am worried about being charged with cyber-bullying. You’re shitty parents didn’t have the sense to abort you, so I can only assume they are a tad overprotective. I have just owned you so hard, that I think it is unfair to go on.

      21. See, that’s what I mean? You have nothing bad to say about me so the only thing you can say is about my parents. I have enough guts to not diss your parents but to diss you. So just shut the hell up and stop being a sore loser because I’ve been pwning you so hard in the last few days the only diss you have is “your parents”. SORE LOSER!!! GO HOME TUBBY!

      22. And if you’re so scared of cyber-bullying why did you just go on? Maybe if you had a brain like all us other humans, you would be able communicate with a person and not bring other people in this conversation.

        You have no respect for anyone, so the most I can assume is that you are a monkey who needs to be kept in a zoo, so that he can be taught manners!

      23. Wow…been out of the loop for a few days. Anyway, your statistical argument is complete bullhooey. You are simply being an unwitting lemming the big record companies and their marketing teams want you to be. Does the Toyota Camry being the number 1 selling car in the world also make it the best car in the world? No.

        And come on. Youtube followers? Just because I can find a video of a monkey fucking a coconut with 100 million views doesn’t mean that I should automatically make that my preferred viewing when I visit that illustrious site. I won’t disagree with you that Justin Bieber may be the most popular artist right now. But he has just found a way to make 14-16 year old girls swoon like no one since JT (who is legitimately awesome).

        Let’s all just admit that music is not baseball, and statistics have no bearing on our arguments.

        As one last sidenote, I can’t believe I was goaded into checking out a few Ed Sheeran songs. He is like a shittier Jason Mraz/Maroon 5/Howie Day. Anyone described as a beatboxer before guitarist should be taken out of the gene pool.

      24. I’m not trying to get any visitors by swearing…simply trying to ditch one specific visitor. Stupidity is an epidemic.

        What I can hope is that your posting name is not accurate, and you are not in fact a dad. I can only assume that as a father you would read all the advanced parenting statistics instead of actually being a parent.

        According to your argument the top 10 movies of all time would include a Transformers film, Phantom Menace, and the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

        The fact that you don’t see how flawed your argument is just speaks to how brutally your brain operates. And finally, you are on a computer, so you should easily be able to find out what “ruse” means.

        Feel free to keep commenting, as this is an open forum, but prepare for more and deeper personal attacks. As you said above, Wes is the nicest moderator on our site, making up for that same quality which I so sorely lack.

        You are awful.

      25. You are a terrible communicator. You lack any semblance of logic. I believe your opinions are brutal. And you have a basic misunderstanding of the concept of facts vs. opinions.

        Eagerly Awaiting the Day You Find Yourself Not In Our Comment Section,


        [slow clap]

      1. Thanks but it seems that Austin has no more comebacks and is ready to give up. So did the other sj girl. So I’m like winning!


        PS: I’ll check out your blog too!

  21. Neck of the Woods from Silversun Pickups is pretty incredible. I’ve been enjoying Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s Americana too, in a weird way. Paralytic Stalks from Of Montreal is up there. Totally agree with you on Jack White.

    1. Lupe’s got a lot of work to do in order to redeem himself after Lazers, but I think he has it in him. Could not be more excited for Cruel Summer and Channel Orange has tones of potential.

  22. I have to admit I’ve only heard of 2 of the above…Fiona Apple and Jack White! So thanks to your blog I’m some new music to look into…always a good thing!

  23. Oi, my apologies for getting worked up with regards to DunkDad’s assertions about statistics and twitter followers up there. I think I’ll back away now so I don’t make myself look like a complete asshat.

    Thanks for the awesome post, though. I appreciate that you didn’t choose a ton of Top 40 drivel for your list. :)

      1. Heh, thanks, Austin. I knew you weren’t getting harsh with me, I just don’t understand why it’s so impossible to accept that someone might have an opinion that differs from that of the majority. Fuuuuu, wow.

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