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playlist of the best Wes Anderson musical moments

So while it’s been a couple weeks since seeing Wes Anderson’s latest creative endeavor, Moonrise Kingdom, and still haven’t shook the Anderson fever. So below are five of my favorite songs from my favorite moments of Wes Anderson films, which is yes, a heavy dose of British Invasion but there are a couple exceptions.

Creation- “Making Time”

One of the great opening sequences of all time, “Making Time” is one truly dynamic rock & roll song. Creation is one of those British Invasion bands who started out incredibly with rowdy singles like “Making Time” before eventually drowning in the sea of competition that was the British Invasion. Watching Max Fischer, a young Jason Schwartzmann, go through his various extracurricular activities at Rushmore Academy never ever gets old.

Elliott Smith- “Needle In The Hay”

Maybe the most iconic Wes Anderson musical moments artfully portrays Richie Tenenbaum’s (Luke Wilson) suicide attempt by using one of the most bleak songs by Elliott Smith, an incredibly sad victim of suicide himself.

Sigur Rós  “Staralfur”

While I could have went for any handful of Bowie songs or Puerto Rican Bowie covers by Seu Jorge, the musical moment that sticks with me the most is the use of “Staralfur” in the climactic scene of the movie. Sigur Rós  manages to make one of the oddest culmination in a movie (the discovery of the jaguar shark) out to be one of the most cathartic scenes in Wes Anderson’s canon.

The Kinks- “Strangers”

The Kinks and the Rolling Stones are used at an awesomely high rate in Wes Anderson films. Of all of them, the use of “Strangers”, a truly timeless song, at the end of the long spiritual journey that is Darjeeling Limited is perhaps the most brilliantly used.

Hank Williams- “Kaw-Liga”

The introduction of our male protagonist in Moonrise Kingdom, Sam Shakusky, couldn’t come in any more macho way than with the canoe-riding, Indian tale of “Kaw-Liga”, a total Hank Williams classic.

The many moods of Wes Anderson

If you still haven’t got your fill, check out my full 15 song Spotify playlist of Wes Anderson favorites.

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