Final Thoughts: Bonnaroo 2012

To finalize our week de la Bonnaroo, we give you our final breakdown of the festival written by the third member of our 2012 Roo-Crew and very good friend Riley Johnson. This was Riley’s second year at Bonnaroo and is a great addition to the group, even if I did get him sick halfway through the weekend. So here you have it, our final installment and our most expansive breakdown yet, summarizing everything we saw. Enjoy:

Bonnaroo crowd entrance bands lineup

I was a Bonnaroo “newb” last year. Food poisoning, sun poisoning, and extreme chaffing attacked me like a rampage from Attila the Hun. However, I experienced so much musical bliss that it could not deter me from my second go around this year. Better prepared and eager from an amazing schedule, I came to Roo as gleeful as Ralphie hastily unwrapping his Red Ryder BB gun. Instead of giving you my favorite show (obviously that goes to the most beautiful woman on the planet Santi White) or my hippie breakdown (man I love hula hoops and tie dye), here is my one sentence take on every act I saw over the 4-day tidal wave known as Bonnaroo:

ema bonnaroo 2012EMA
I’ve haven’t felt this sad since the hospital cut my Superman shirt when I was 2.




cave singers bonnaroo 2012The Cave Singers
Can’t lie, I couldn’t stop falling asleep.




Danny Brown Bonnaroo 2012Danny Brown
Not many people know him, they soon won’t be able to live without him.




Bonnaroo 2012 Dale Earnhardt Jr JrDale Earnhardt Jr Jr

Best all boy duo I have heard since Milli Vanilli.




Yelawolf Bonnaroo 2012Yelawolf
I love when rappers press play on their iPods for 20 minutes in the middle of a set.




Kendrick Lamar Bonnaroo 2012Kendrick Lamar
Women, weed, and weather.




Alabama Shakes Bonnaroo 2012Alabama Shakes
Please tell me how in the world is Brittany Howard only 23?!




tune yards Bonnaroo 2012tUnE-yArDs
The fact that Merrill Garbus does not mess up on a single loop astounds me.




Sharon Jones Bonnaroo 2012Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Soul definitely gets better with age.





Avett Brothers Bonnaroo 2012The Avett Brothers
I’ve never understood why bands with “brothers” in the title can get away with having people in the band that aren’t all brothers.





Feist Bonnaroo 2012Feist
Best thing from Canada since Canadian bacon.





Ludacris Bonnaroo 2012Ludacris
Thank you for 90 minutes of straight partying.




St Vincent Bonnaroo 2012St. Vincent
Spent half of the show hearing Todd and Wes argue over if she was sexier than Feist; well worth it.




Radiohead Bonnaroo 2012Radiohead
“This is what you get, this is what you get, this is what you get when you mess with us!”




Black Star
Talib Kweli and the artist formerly known as Mos Def are a better duo than Ace & Gary.




Flying Lotus Bonnaroo 2012Flying Lotus
Craziest 10 minutes of my life to start the show.




Das Racist Bonnaroo 2012Das Racist

I’ve never heard a group so awkwardly sound so good.





Santigold Bonnaroo 2012Santigold
Mark my words, she will marry me someday.





Childish Gambino Bonnaroo 2012Childish Gambino
Hippie girls everywhere, U.C.Bonnaroo.




The Roots Bonnaroo 2012The Roots
After seeing them live, Black Thought is the most under appreciated emcee in the game.




Dispatch Bonnaroo 2012Dispatch
Even though they are making a comeback, it was still nostalgic to dance to “Elias” and “The General”.




Red Hot Chilli Peppers Bonnaroo 2012Red Hot Chili Peppers
I couldn’t help but always wonder,”Who is that guy in Frusciante’s spot?”




Super jam Bonnaroo 2012Superjam
I wish D’Angelo would have worn the same outfit he did for the “Untitled” video when he performed.




GZA Bonnaroo 2012GZA
I will never forgive Todd for getting me sick.




The Black Lips Bonnaroo 2012The Black Lips
“This song goes out to the guy that fake slept so his buddy could get it on next to him in the tent!”





Mac Miller Bonnaroo 2012Mac Miller
I thought Wiz Khalifa was the highest person I ever say perform; I was wrong.




The Beach Boys Bonnaroo 2012The Beach Boys
I wanted to kill Mike Love, as much as Brian Wilson looked like he wanted to kill himself.




the antlers Bonnaroo 2012The Antlers
Thank you Wes and Todd – they were my great new find of the weekend.




Kenny Rogers Bonnaroo 2012Kenny Rogers
Bonnaroo and Kenny Rogers doesn’t work … or does it?




Bon Iver Bonnaroo 2012Bon Iver

Bonnie Bear surely showed why they deserved last year’s Grammy for Best New Artist – 5 years after they started.




Civil Wars Bonnaroo 2012The Civil Wars
I would have sold my soul to the devil for a cameo from Taylor Swift on “Safe & Sound”; god she better headline Bonnaroo 2013.





fun. Bonnaroo 2012fun.
If we are young tonight every night does that mean we will never die?




Phish Bonnaroo 2012Phish
Glowsticks and hippie dancing make for a better trip than any drug can ever give you.




In closing, thank you Bonnaroo 2012. The consistency and diversity of your line-up did not disappoint and I look forward to our 3rd date in 2013.

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