Weak List Wednesday: Best Moments of Bonnaroo 2012

bonnaroo music and arts festival 2012

Bonnaroo: the greatest music festival to be held in the United States. Nothing compares to it. If you want to try to compare it to any other festival you have to deal with these facts: It will have a better lineup. It will have a better schedule. It will have longer set times. It will have better food. The crowds won’t suck. And, it has no curfew. That means it gets up earlier and goes to bed later than anything in its category. After 2 days of recovery, I’m finally ready to talk about it. Wes gave everyone a fairly detailed rundown of he highlights yesterday, so I figured I would take a different approach.

Below are my top 5 favorite moments from last weekend. Something to remember is that this list is one that holds more personal value than anything. We will give you our top 10 favorite acts tomorrow, but right now I’m just talking about what I personally enjoyed the most out of the weekend.

5. Feist’s “New” Songs
Feist at Bonnaroo
A lot of artists performed a lot of new material over the weekend, and that is always fun to see, but also expected. A lot of artists also perform a lot of covers at Bonnaroo, which is again, fun but expected. What you don’t expect to see is artists performing some of their oldest most beloved material and having it sound completely different than the originally. For the three tracks she performed off of Let It Die, “Mushaboom”, “Limit to Your Love”, and “Let It Die”, the songs were all arranged completely different than I had ever heard them before. It was like she was doing covers of her own material. The kicker is that it was some of the best “covers” I had heard all weekend. She did a phenomenal job at re-arranging the tracks and letting them take on completely different forms.

4. “Hippie Dancing” at Dispatch/Phish
Hippie dancing at bonnaroo
Sometimes you just have to cut loose and cut a rug. Some of the most LOL moments at Bonnaroo this year certainly came from doing just that. If you’ve never seen hippies dance, you are missing out on a real treat. Dispatch and Phish both lead to perfect opportunities to join in with the hula-hoopers, the light-gawkers, and the never-ending groovers in an all-out dance fest. There were skips, dose-e-does, and there was Wes air-drumming with glow sticks. All of these things plus just all-out dancing our asses off were some amazing Bonnarroo moments I will never forget.

3. Rhys Darby Leading a Hot Jazz Music Parade
Rhys Darby Leading Music Parade at bonnaroo after alabama shakes
At the end of the incredibly soulful Alabama Shakes set, lead singer Brittany Howard invited everyone to join in on a marching parade through the festival grounds that would be lead by a New Orleans street band. Incidentally, it happened to be one of the same bands Wes, Riley and I saw while in New Orleans for New Years a few months ago. After running out to join in line, we noticed that our parade was being led by none other than Flight of the Concord’s Murray, actor Rhys Darby. He was dressed in festival garb, sporting a cane and a whistle, furiously directing the hot-jazz band as we all marched around the Bonnaroo festival grounds. Brittany herself also joined in and was dancing along right there with the rest of us.

2. St. Vincent Crowd Surfing
St Vincent Crowd Surfing at Bonnaroo during the song krokodil
Take the sexiest female singer at Bonnaroo performing this track:

and you already have the recipe for a good time. Now picture that sexy female floating on top of the crowd like a punked-out beauty queen. Any girl as cute as her that acts like a badass punk already gets my vote, but it was also the way she gracefully just floated atop everyone during this chaos that was so incredible. I’ve never seen someone so seductively control their body like a model posing in front of a camera, all while being passed around by the crowd beneath them. It was easily the sexiest moment of Bonnaroo while also being one of the punkiest performances I’ve seen out a female performer.

1. Women, Weed, and Weather

Kendrick Lamar is so proud of his hometown of Los Angeles for the three things it does best, and that is women, weed, and weather. The Kendrick Lamar show stood out as one of the better rap shows we saw that weekend, and contained one of the funniest tracks I’ve ever heard. It isn’t unusual for rappers to talk nonsense all the time. However, never have I ever heard someone rap about how badass weather can be … until now. Just to be clear, we aren’t the type of crew that blazes weed, but we do recognize brilliance when we hear it, and Kendrick’s track “The Recipe” is nothing short of that. You also can’t deny how fitting this song is for a Bonnaroo crowd, making it our theme song for the weekend despite our lack of weed usage.

The “just missed my list”: Pickle Juice Vodka
Pickle Juice and Vodka
Don’t knock it ’til you try it … ’nuff said.
So there is the list. Let us know what we unforgivably missed, or got right, but still feel free to just rip on us in general …

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2 thoughts on “Weak List Wednesday: Best Moments of Bonnaroo 2012”

  1. I’ve enjoyed these last 2 posts on Bonaroo. Thanks for the coverage for those of us not there. But the one thing I can try is is the pickle juice vodka – sounds like my sort of thing :-)

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