Why Everyone Must Sell Out Piece

Below is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Pop ‘Stache on the state of music and commercialism.  Please click on the picture below to check out the whole post.

Popstache piece on the relationship of music and commercialism

“Few things have as conflicted a relationship as rock ‘n’ roll and commercialism. In many ways, they are like violence and football. The two can’t exist without each other (although they may want to). In many ways, commercialism (whether it’s licensing, large label distribution, sponsorships, etc.) lie very opposed to the defining spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, which values independence, freedom of expression and a never-ending vendetta against the so-called “man” (i.e., parents, big business, the police, government and so on).  However, since the musical paradigm has shifted with the rise of digital music and fall of major record sales, it’s no longer possible for the majority of artists to make a sustainable career out of record sales.”

Click here to see the whole article

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Author: Wes

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