Coachella 2012 Review

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^^Incredible Lineup, Meh Festival

How does one review a Coachella? It is hard because you are taking a weekend that is very much a personal experience that involves close friends, music, and the good times you create (or don’t). Some people go to try and catch as many concerts as possible in three days. Some merely use it as an opportunity to explore how many drugs they can fill their body with in three days. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Some people go for the art. Some people probably just go for their friends. Teenagers go to fit in or to look like a rebel. Old farts go to feel young and seem hip. I even heard Bear Grylls showed up to film an episode of Man vs Festivals in order to properly demonstrate exactly how to drink copious amounts of alcohol in 108 degree weather without dying (I think the trick had something to do with mixing every drink with pickle juice). Personally, I only go for the Ferris wheel.

^^The view from my Ferris wheel ride

In three days, I saw thirty-three acts. Some were great, some were less than so, some were just downright awful. The group of friends I was with was beyond stellar. Everyone was in high spirits all weekend, and trying to hit as much music as I was (until the very last set of the festival anyways). So between the jams, the friends, the food, the festival, and the daunting task of having to fuse all of these things together for one review, I have just decided to review Coachella by way of an award ceremony, while making less-than-subtle jabs at Coachella itself to display its inferiority to Bonnaroo. Commence award ceremony:

Greatest Start to the Day Award: Black Lips
It being 108 degrees on Saturday (seriously), you need a bit of a pick me up immediately upon entering the festival. Black Lips couldn’t have been a better choice about 3 sets into the day to revitalize, brutalize, and jump start your festival spirit.
Just Missed: Santigold


Greatest Name Award: Zed’s Dead
I was in the Sahara tent, and I don’t care what Bruce says, Zed’s certainly not dead baby!
Just Missed: We Were Promised Jetpacks



Act I Most Regret Missing Out On: M83
Being a stickler for community, I couldn’t part from my group during The Black Keys. It also didn’t hurt that The Keys are among my favorites and they were playing new material. And the fact that I will be seeing M83 this summer at Lollapalooza. Nonetheless, it still was a tough pill to swallow that I was missing these guys.
Just Missed: St. Vincent, Flying Lotus



Most Surprising Act: M. Ward
I’ve seen M. Ward in other forms like She & Him as well as Monsters of Folk, and I thoroughly enjoyed him in both outfits. All-that-to-say, all “M” all the time, was quite the treat. He sounds as classic as they come, with some mad guitar skills to boot. I’ve never seen anyone abuse a guitar by-way-of finger picking so bad in my life.
Just Missed: Bon Iver, Andrew Bird



Biggest Stink-Bomb Award: The Shins
You couldn’t pay me to want to see these guys again. Not only is their music dull and lifeless while performed live, but it doesn’t even sound good. The vocals sound soft and emotionless while the music is as bland as Wonder Bread.
Just Missed: Florence and the Machine




Greatest Dancer Award: Mitchell Burns
Whether he was hopping around dancing on strangers at EDM shows, moshing in the front few rows with me at the Black Lips, or simply getting his soulful groove on at The Weeknd, Mitchell’s moves were a perfect way to set the mood for any show at Coachella.
Just Missed: Thom Yorke


^^Mitchell and I immediately after The Black Lips show.

Lamest Coachella Law: Curfew
Coachella isn’t one to stay out late, or get up early. The 1 AM curfew abruptly ends the night before you’re ready to sleep and the 12 PM start time gives you too much time to recover. So it’s unlike most festivals, it’s not constant moving that kills you, it’s the sitting around in the afternoon.
Just Missed: No Beer Outside the Beer Garden (this is most likely due to the fact that 90% of Coachella goers are under 16).


Greatest Performance Award: Radiohead
I don’t care how many times I’ve seen them, nobody can live up to the way these guys hold it together live. King of Limbs was somehow even better to witness in person than it is to listen to through headphones. The extreme layers, soaring vocals (as Wes says), and Thom’s spastic dance moves could have only been better if I was front and center like I intended. Unfortunately, a good friend that had kindly been waiting for 4 straight sets with me in order to hold down front and center seats passed out minutes before Radiohead came onstage due to heat exhaustion. After carrying her through a relentless few rows of people (one guy even yelling at Alicia as she was passed out in my arms to “learn to deal, newb”) she was given water, air, and lemonade, which rejuvenated her enough for us to enjoy the show from a distance.

As I said, it’s hard to review something of such proportion and keep it to a reasonable word count, but hopefully this worked. At LxL we certainly love our festivals. We tend to talk and criticize them a lot, but I feel it’s for good cause. When spending that much money for one weekend it’s good to know what you are getting yourself into. I will say, I enjoyed the weekend thoroughly, but it was with little help to Goldenvoice/Coachella themselves. Average of 40 minute sets, very conflicting schedule, beer not allowed outside the gardens, the curfew, as well as the outrageous ticket price ($390), all stack up nicely for other (cheaper) festivals to be far more worth the money.

Coachella Festival: 4/11
Personal Coachella 2012 Experience: 10/11

Author: Todd

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6 thoughts on “Coachella 2012 Review”

  1. Enjoyed the review. shame the Shins are so poor in your estimation. I wouldn’t know, not having seen them live. But I do love the albums. Only listened to new one once so can’t say yet.

    1. I used to enjoy The Shins quite a bit. Unfortunately though, the last two albums didn’t really do much for me. I’m afraid after finally seeing them live, they only validated why I’ve grown to dislike them so much.

  2. great and sadly accurate review. I’ve been going to Coachella for 4 years now and the popularity has only effected it in a negative manner. the two weekend deal really hurt one of the biggest advantages of Coachella which is being able to go with your friends, and the ticket prices have become absurdly expensive. If golden voice could find some way to get back to the place they were before Coachella became a haven for 16 year olds trying to be hipsters, and celebrities wanting to be seen at a music festival, it would be far and above the paramount festival of the year. unfortunately, its just the way things are and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. that being said there are still great times to be had there, and for devoted attendees, it will always be a must see.

    1. Absolutely. As I said, I still had a great time, it’s hard not too. But the festival as a whole, like you said, just seems fake and forced. Many people just going to go, rather than to enjoy/celebrate music.

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