8 thoughts on “Shakin’ All Over: A Review on Alabama Shakes”

  1. Talking of comparisons, Howard reminds me a lot of Linda Perry of the very short-lived 4 Non Blondes. I enjoyed your review. Whatever little I’ve heard of Alabama Shakes, I’ve liked. As an aside, I do like the Black Crowes but I’m not sure where the comparison to Alabama Shakes comes from. But I guess I haven’t heard enough

    1. I just heard a comparison in which they were referenced as a modern band that does a good job of sounding like they were from the seventies. To me they sound like they are from the 90’s, but try to sound like they were from the 70’s, where as Alabama Shakes don’t have that problem.

  2. I’ve been reading quite a lot about Alabama Shakes recently. If you guys really like it, that is a recommendation for me. i like the Black Crowes too. Favourite track “Hotel Illness”. Also really like the live album they did with Jimmy Page – a mix of led Zep and the Crowes.

  3. I’m here to throw my hat of support in the ring for The Black Crowes as well. Todd just doesn’t like them because they’re not from the west coast. Also, I once saw Chris Robinson do a lengthy monologue onstage about his love for Kate Hudson a couple months before their divorce. Classic.

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