Cassie – “King of Hearts” (Kanye West Remix) Review

“King of Hearts” (Kanye West Remix)

Here at LxL, you’ll be hard pressed to find bad words directed towards Kanye West and I’ll be damned if that changes today on my watch. However, I certainly won’t be singing as of high praises as I normally do. Recently Kanye released his new remix of Cassie’s newest single, “King of Hearts”. The original is a decent enough club song, with minimal lyrics, but a thumping-good-time beat behind it. You can listen to that here:

^Hard telling which is more beautiful, Cassie’s voice, or just Cassie herself … Yea-no, It’s Cassie herself.

Kanye did a fine job with his remix. By all counts, the song is great, very danceable, and has a sick distorted bass line. The problem with the remix? The lack of Kanye. He doesn’t sing on the track at all. Not even a single line. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Let the producer produce.” Yea, that’s fine. I’m all about Kanye taking a one song hiatus from rhyming in order for him to just get-off on the production bench. But wait … where is Kanye’s mark? Sure the song sounds great, and would be able to get the Pope himself onto the dance floor to grind on some strange (only females, that are also of age of course). But I don’t hear much Kanye in those beats.

Kanye decided to keep it simple, and not build up the song to a tremendous explosion. Seeing as how the actual song already had that explosion, I think that is an interesting choice. He also opted to not change-up the track too much. The remix is hardly different from the original. I feel like Kanye would normally tear the track down to bits and then rebuild as much as possible, but that was not the case for this track. He did add a few vocal samples and a sick new bass line, but other than that I’d say the venture fell a bit short. Like I said earlier, it’s still a great track, but without the credit pointing me in the right direction, I would have never guessed that this was a Kanye production. Listen to the remix here, and please let me know if you feel differently.

There is no question that Kanye could throw together an insanely good dance album, that would keep everyone moving. But I guess I’d want him to do it with a bit more of a “Kanye” appearing in the song in one way or another.

6/11 (Overall, the song is good, but docked a few points for Kanye not exceeding expectations like he usually does.)

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