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While doing some light reading out of his wife’s diet magazines one evening, Wes discovered a brilliant scheme for us to rip off for a new LxL segment. Thus, today I am bringing you LxL’s first of many, “This NOT That” write-ups. Basically, we take a quick look at what is topping the charts and offer alternatives that we believe are healthier, more choice options for our readers to be listening too. Our goal is to trash a bit on the modern rubbish that is currently out-performing a few of the lesser-known, yet better options. So below are three selections from the current “Top 40” lists that I thought were especially appalling. One single, one album, and one music video. Let’s talk healthy listening …

Top 40 Single: “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga

^Chart Position: #15

The Healthy Choice: “Crush” by Sleigh Bells
(Due to BS copyright laws, you must listen to this track HERE)

Lady Gaga has far overstayed her welcome. The hype of her music and her “crazy” stage performance was fun for the thirty minutes, when everyone thought she was actually a dude. But now she is doing duets with Tony Bennett, poorly attempting to sing blues songs, and STILL looks like a dude. Sleigh Bells’ song “Crush” is a healthy alternative to “Marry the Night” because A: It kicks far more ass, B: It’s a fun tune, that could easily get you grooving, and C: Sleigh Bell’s are more than just pure marketing gimmick. I know we haven’t let up on them since Reign of Terror came out, but it’s warranted. You can never have enough Sleigh Bells in your diet.

Album: Here and Now by Nickelback

^Chart Position: #15

The Healthy Choice: Sorrow and Extinction by Pallbearer

Last November Here and Now was released, and Nickelback is still “rocking” the charts. Remember when rock bands actually rocked? Well don’t worry, there are indeed some bands that still truly know how to rock among the music scene today, and Pallbearer is one of them. They sound like a combo of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Rush with their thick guitar tones, howling vocals, and long airy jams. A much better ensemble comparison rather than a singing anus-hole with blonde highlights (<NICKELBACK). Trust me, switch your diet to this and you’ll be feeling/looking better in no time.

Music Video:
“Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson

^Chart Position: #1

The Healthy Choice: “Oblivion” by Grimes

I still don’t understand how/why videos like Kelly’s “Stronger” are even made anymore. Why do company’s spend so much money on a video that has no storyline and has honestly been made a hundred times over already. Luckily some acts out there still like to put together videos that are original, interesting, and have a bit of substnace behind them. Grimes has been making a name for herself lately, and if you haven’t already, you should check out more than just this awesome video by the Canadian electropop artist. A new tune-a-day keeps the stale iPod away.

Well hopefully you enjoyed our first segment of This NOT That. Let us now how we can make it better …

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