LxListening: Brand Spankin New

2012 New Singles

2012 is still fairly young, and there hasn’t been many great album releases yet, but there are a ton of great singles for upcoming albums coming out daily. The five songs below are from a mix of emerging artists and reliable mainstays, but all are worth your time.

M. Ward-“First Time I Ran Away”

Few voices put me at ease like M. Ward’s. “First Time I Ran Away” is the first single off of M. Ward’s new album Wasteland Companion to release in April, and the song rustles along sweetly as if it was written by Nick Drake. Video is also highly reminiscent of the “Chinese Translation” video, which isn’t such a bad thing either.

Alabama Shakes-“Hold On”

Probably the biggest buzz band to this point in 2012, and its well warranted an alluring concoction of southern rock and soul. “Hold On” pulls from CCR, Otis Redding, and Janis Joplin and bringing unadulterated classic rock back into the picture.

Andrew Bird-“Eyeoneye”

“Eyeoneye” is nothing you haven’t heard from Andrew Bird in the past, but boy did I need the Bird in my life. His soaring songs seem to take on a life of their own, and sort of just wisp you off to a better place. More to come in March with his new album, Break It Yourself.


The highly myserious dubstep artist Burial is like few others in electronic music. “Kindred” is off his brand new EP of the same name, and is 11.5 minutes of intoxicatingly sinister electronic music, highly percussive but equally soulful.


Grimes is an electronic artist of a different breed than Burial, her music is ethereal and outrageously catchy. “Genesis” just builds and builds, as the melody beautifully steers the song along to greener pastures.

If you wish to hear more hot new songs of 2012, check out my 15 song Spotify playlist.


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