LxListening: The Week That Was 02/05-02/10

david lee roth, looks like a girl
David Lee Roth or Tranny Goldie Hawn? You Decide, America

Ay yi yi.  When looking through the albums being released this week to decide what I was going to review, I was pretty disgusted by most of the options.  Wes already had Dr. Dog and wanted Sharon Van Etten for next week, and so I explored a new (to me) artist in Air, and was pleasantly surprised.  While making the decision to review Air’s new album though, I waded through some other albums/tracks of note.  Below you will find where my musical wanderings took me, much to my dismay, and a nice pallet-cleanser at the end if you actually listen to any of the first four songs.

Van Halen – “Honeybabysweetiedoll”

Van Halen’s reunion album with David Lee Roth should be chalked up as an album that just simply did not need to happen.  It’s not the 80’s anymore, and the likes of Buckcherry and other spawn of Van Halen are filling in just fine in your absence.  “Honeybabysweetiedoll” is probably the worst track on A Different Kind of Truth, with such soul-searching lyrics as “Stone soul sistah soccer mom, muchacha-miga, cherry bomb”.  The tone of this track is equally creepy, but as a consolation for clicking on the above youtube video you get a nice slide-show.

Paul McCartney – “My Valentine”

From the awful cover art, to the unfortunate title, and finally the regrettable songs, Paul McCartney’s release of covers, Kisses on the Bottom, fails to gather any traction as an album of any significance.  On “My Valentine”, McCartney sounds like Bill Nighy (aka Billy Mack) in Love, Actually; an aging rock legend trying to cash in on his name. 

Of Montreal – “Dour Percentage”

Of Montreal is a band that seems to have made a living by being weird for the sake of being weird.  Unfortunately for them, dressing weird and trying very, very hard to seem eclectic has only translated mildly to releasing successful albums.  “Dour Percentage”, off of their new release Paralytic Stalks, is one more track in their vast catalogue that does not deliver.  Maybe with more distinct bass and drums, and less flute solos, this track could have been a success…NOT.

The Fray – “Heartbeat”

Alright, so I never really had any intention of reviewing The Fray’s new album, Scars & Stories.  Fortunately for us, after their monster breakthrough, they just could not hold momentum and have somewhat faded into the background.  Unfortunately for us, they have that milquetoast sound that “mix” and  adult contemporary radio stations just absolutely nut over.  “Heartbeat” is just another slave to The Fray’s ignominious existence.

Die Antwoord – “So What?”

Alright, so Die Antwoord is by no means an amazing hip-hop duo.  But between alternately succeeding and failing while attempting to do something different, they manage to really strike my fancy occasionally.  I may end up reviewing their entire new album, Ten$ion, but for now I leave you with the track that has most struck me so far, “So What?”.   Ninja and Yo-landi alternate verses on the track over a fairly throwback west coast beat.  Not too fancy, but pretty awesome.

Enjoy your weekend, and come back Monday.

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