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If you know me, I don’t exactly exude the punk rock. I hate complaining, and think most people who rebel do it for no good reason. But I believe there is a time for almost every music genre so sometimes I even my pooh bear self gets angsty from time to time. As of late, there has been a bunch of minimalist, noisy punk bands that I really enjoy, so here is a five song playlist to showcase some of my favorites.

Cloud Nothings-“ Stay Useless”

In a lousy first month of music (though January always tends to be slow), Cloud Nothings’ third album Attack on Memory is the first of their albums to catch my attention and the only decent album thus far this year beside Chairlift’s Something. Cloud Nothings is a one man band (whom goes by just Dylan) from the beautiful city of Cleveland, and “Stay Useless” is just a great straightforward punk rock track with a big grand chorus.

No Age-“Fever Dreaming”

This two man operation from LA makes some of the most melodic punk rock, though its all hidden under layers upon layers of noise and static. The video for the song (above), is among my favorite music videos of the last few years.

Japandroids- “Darkness  on the Edge of Gastown”

Another two man band (seeing a trend?) have all the energy and dramatics of late-90’s hardcore bands like Thursday and mewithoutYou, but without the whiny love lyrics. “Darkness on the Edge of Gastown”  is a one off of the Springsteen album “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and builds to a big closing refrain.

Ty Segall- “The Floor”

The modern king of fuzz. Ty Segall is making fuzzy punk and garage rock that would make T. Rex proud, and I particularly love the contrast of the flurry of instrumentation between the vocals on “The Floor” mixed with the heavy lumbering verses.

At The Drive In- “Arcarsenal”

The Texas hardcore rockers made a name for themselves in the late 90s, though the members (half of them) are perhaps better known for making up the wildly progressive Mars Volta. The band is set to reunite for Coachella 2012, with hopefully some new music on the way as well. “Arcarsenal” kicks open their best album Relationship of Command, and is my favorite track on the album. The station is once again operational.

For more songs fitting this theme, check out my 15 song Spotify Playlist for more punk rock.

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