LxListening: So 2000 and Late

Well December is now upon us, which means the years end is rapidly approaching. Everyone is just chomping at the bit to be the first ones to post their “best of the year lists” whether it be movies, books, songs, video games, or albums. To me, this is rather dumb. Not the process of picking a list of your favorite anything, I love that. But rather the rush to do so. Sure December isn’t always the most prime month for an album drop, but this year alone, The Roots, and The Black Keys have albums dropping in December. Both of which could easily make it on my “best of the year list” if they play their cards right. The other thing that bothers me about this approach, is the fact that a year, or months, or even weeks after the fact, that list could potentially hold half it’s value to you. People get overhyped about albums, or ruined by the timing of an album, or maybe the album just hits that at the perfect time, or maybe the album was overplayed by a dumb friend to the dumb point where you wanted to repeatedly smash his dumb ipod into his dumb face until he dumb cried like a little girl.

Some of My 2010 Song Faves

My point is, I find it more valuable to reflect on albums a year after the fact. This allows you to have more insight into how well you really liked the album, and if it had enough staying power to keep its name in the game afer the initial first listens. This is why I encouraged the other losers hear at LxL to do a “best of 2010” list week. Which also put me in a “last year funk”, that will now carry-over to my LxListening playlist. So here are some of my favorite tracks, and hopefully even some hidden gems from last year (in no particular order).

LCD Soundsystem – “I Can Change”

Whether he himself even believes it or not, the plea that James crys out that he is able to change if it helps that girl fall in love, is earth shattering.

The Left – “Gas Mask”

Among the greatest uses of sampling since he birth of sampling. Plus some killer lyrics to boot.

Kanye West – “Gorgeous”

As much deserved praise and hype the album receives, this single tracks still seems to go unnoticed sometimes. Which should not be tolerated.

Sleigh Bells – “Rill Rill”

Another example of terrific sampling, this ole’ funk classic finds itself incredibly twisted around on this new take in which Alexis’ teenage vocals unveil a slightly more mature track that what you think you getat first listen.

Tame Impala – “I Don’t Really Mind”

I wish more music would find itself turning into this these days.

Well there ya have it. This is what continues to stick with me the most from 2010. Hopefully you like it a bit too.

For more of my favorite songs of 2010, check out my Spotify Playlist for 15 songs.

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