Individual Top 20 Albums of 2011 Lists

We gave you are collective Top 20 yesterday, but here are our separate lists:
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Top 20 Thursday: 2011 Albums That Will Live In Infamy

Because we at Little by Listen enjoy letting you know what the best of the best is, we have opted to force upon you our Top 20 albums of 2011.  Constructing this list was much simpler than the top 20 songs, and thankfully didn’t end with me burning down Wes’ house or digging up Todd’s childhood pet and leaving it for him to find in his bed.  In fact making this list was a little too easy, possibly because Todd had a cold nose while we were making it, and probably just wanted to get the process over with.  Or maybe because Wes needed to tend to his beehives to collect some holiday honey (honey is coincidentally the name of Todd’s childhood pet btw).  Please enjoy the list we have so meticulously crafted, and feel free to throw your entries in the comments so we can immediately dismiss you as philistines with no taste.

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Weak List Wednesday: Best Live Acts of 2011

In continuation of our end year lists, we decided to bust out a short list of our favorite live acts of the year. Obviously, we can only choose from what we have seen, but between the three of us, we have seen many of the seminal acts of today this year.

My Morning Jacket Best Live Band of 2011
Jim James, Rock God in the making

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A Very She & Him Christmas Review

She & Him

A Very She & Him Christmas

She & Him Christmas Album Cover

While she had undoubtedly some small memorable roles before it, Zooey Deschanel’s shower duet with Will Ferrell in Elf of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was in many ways a declaration of her multi-talented persona. Since, she has starred in big summer comedies (500 Days of Summer, Yes Man), put out two solid retro-pop albums of originals and standards with M. Ward under the She & Him moniker, and most recently, starred in the clichéd yet pleasant new sitcom New Girl. So now at the height of Zooey mania, the quirky star returns to Christmas with what seems like a perfect fit in A Very She & Him Christmas. However, while racked with its share of nice renditions of standards, A Very She & Him Christmas is more like a lukewarm cup of hot chocolate; sweet but stale.
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Individual Top 20 Songs of 2011 Lists

If you liked our Top 20 Songs of 2011 list and want some more, check out our individual top 20s. If you missed the aggregate list, check it here.
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LxListening: Folkamania 2011

Looking back on our first four months of posts, I tried looking for trends on what we covered too much, just enough, and not nearly enough. At this point, you probably know we like hip hop, The Talking Heads, and Danny Glover.

The one genre I don’t feel we covered nearly enough was folk music. Perhaps that’s because I’m the biggest advocate for the genre at LxL, but it was also a strong year for folk and we would be remiss to not highlight some of the music. So this playlist highlights the best in folk music this year.

Without further ado…

Fleet Foxes and a log cabin
Folk music has always been meant for the log cabin.

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LxL’s Top 20 Songs of 2011

Top 20 Songs of 2011
The time of year has come. The time to separate the men from the boys. The cream from the crop. The top 20 songs of 2011 from the rest of the pack.

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