LxListening: All Hail the Queen

Queen Victoria, Picture, Portrait, Music
Queen Victoria...she had a really nice personality.

With the explosion of the internet, it is somehow hard to believe that I don’t hear much of the good music that originates in ye ole’ England.  Even some pretty big pop acts still have to be sought out, due to an absurd lack of exposure in the states.  This week, I’ve decided to share a couple of acts from our cousins across the pond that are particularly striking my fancy right now.

The Jude – “Les Filles Francaises”

I’m not familiar with anything of The Jude’s outside of this track, but I’m ready to hear more. I will tell you what I do know. “Les Filles Francaises” is all about accessibility, from the simple electric guitar to the Gav Duffy’s vocals (he sounds a little like Bradley Nowell, in tone and delivery, if not overall musical style). Also, The video is unbelievably cute, unbelievably European, and for the budget is extremely well done. The video reminded me of Amelie a bit, and no, that is not the only European film I have ever seen.

AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It”

This British duo has churned out one hell of an infectious pop song. With Aluna Francis handling the vocals, and George Reid handling the beats, this uninspiring-named group has recreated the sound of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” (without a gangster Dr. Dre verse unfortunately). Further, the video for this addictive track just stinks of the mid-90’s Bad Boy joints featuring Ma$e and Puff Daddy.

Jessie J – “Do It Like A Dude”

Judging strictly by this song, one would think Jessie J is the British Ke$ha.  That is not exactly the case, as Jessie J traverses many styles on her debut album, Who You Are.  Jessie manages to emote the sound of Robyn, Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Franti and Martin Sexton throughout the album, never sticking with one style for more than a couple tracks.  All in all though, “Do It Like A Dude” probably takes the cake, and the video makes me extremely uncomfortable (a feat in and of itself).

The Horrors – “Changing the Rain”

The release of The Horrors latest album, Skying, hints at something great.  They are kind of strange, like their countrymen Echo and the Bunnymen, but in more of a gothy introverted way.  Still, “Changing the Rain” will  single-handedly leave me anxiously  awaiting the next offering of this Brit-band.  The sound that Joshua Hayward gets out of his guitar is worth the listen alone, but coupled with Faris Badwan’s vocals, this track is pure gold.

Dizzee Rascal – “Sirens”

For anyone that has never listened to Dizzee Rascal, and is a hip-hop fan, his sound is both shocking and exhilarating at the same time.  Its like you traveled 100 years into the future and discovered an entire new breed of lyricist.  “Sirens” is off of Dizzee’s 2007 album Maths + English, and therefore my more “classic” song of the week.  This track flat-out kills, making me want to take a baseball bat to a million mailboxes followed by dining on the earth’s core.  All the new rage in British rap seems to be Tinie Tempah, and while Tinie is pretty good, he can suck Dizzee’s Rascal.

Giles, British, Cartoon
The way I think of most British people

 For more songs  I’ve been listening to, check out my 15 song playlist on Spotify.

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