LxListening: 80’s or Bust

For some reason I have been stuck in this 80’s music vibe lately. It is hard not to be, because it has been heavily trending in music right now, and seems to be popping up everywhere. It probably also has to do with the fact that I recently saw the movie Drive, which was extremely awesome, and had this soundtrack that was equally as awesome, and super 80’s. Every track below, is a track that I tend to sing the very loud and get real weird with while in the my car by myself lately. Some are also tracks that have just helped me think about the issues in my life that have been keeping me awake as of recent. They can serve purposes of many layers, but most of all, they are brilliant songs that I have been jamming the hell out of at every opportunity the past few weeks.

^Pudding cups be rad yo!

Antlers – “Teeth Are Falling Out”

This album (as was the last Antlers album) could end up being a very overlooked album of the year. Be sure to check it out if you have not. It is more accessible than there first, but they have not lost there luster. This is one song of many from the album Burst Apart that has really been resonating with me lately.

M83 – “Reunion

^Only version I could dig up … sorry

Although “Midnight City” is already beginning to get played everywhere you go, this is the song that has been really sticking with me from the album. Listed right after “Midnight City”, it really drives the whole 80’s vibe into some great territory. This song has essentially been stuck in my head since before the album dropped, and I don’t see it leaving anytime soon. I find myself belting out the simple chorus of non-lyrics about every chance I get, whether people are around or not.

Givers – “Up Up Up”

Maybe the biggest stretch for an 80’s vibe, but it’s there in the vocals. In Light has been my go-to album this year. It has not left my side since the first time I heard it. It’s fun, and playful, and really damn good … just like this track.

Talking Heads – “Once In a Lifetime”

My first throwback of the list. I re-visited the track about a week ago by happenstance in a UPS Store, and Remain In Light has been blaring through my speakers quite regularly since. A staple track for the Talking Heads, and more meaningful than the playful tune seems to suggest. This track, like the album it came from, is an absolute must for anyone that has never heard it before.

Pixies – “Motorway to Roswell”

Pixies are never been far off of my “recently played” list on my iPod. This is a bit of a weird track, off one of their lesser known albums, but it probably fits into this list better than anything else from their catalogue, due to the 80’s vibe it exudes. Frank Black (or Black Francis, or whatever he was calling himself at the time) really puts his voice out there for this song in ways that you can’t find anywhere else in Pixie tracks, and it pays off famously.

For these songs and more that I’ve been rocking too lately, feel free to check out my LxListening Spotify playlist here. Thanks for listening.

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Author: Todd

I dig musics ...

3 thoughts on “LxListening: 80’s or Bust”

    1. Ya, Todd, maybe you should listen to more Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday. I bet they speak on a lot of issues in your life.

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