Jay-Z and Kanye Show Review: A Heavyweight Bout

Kanye West & Jay-Z

Watch The Throne Tour

Palace at Auburn Hills

Detroit, MI


Kanye West, the Boxer
Who Gon' Stop Me haah?

Two days after Thanksgiving, Austin and I strapped on our gold watches and chains and headed up to Motown to see the two biggest acts (egos) in hip hop today, Kanye West and Jay-Z, join together to put on one massive show. As the marquee would suggest, the show was quite simply two and a half hours of unadulterated Jay and Ye, meaning no opening act, no guests, and an almost non-existent backing band, though there was plenty of flash and flair in the duo’s stage show.
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Nickelback Review Royale: Ohhhhhh Boy


Here & Now

Nickelback, here and now, here & now, cover art, album, nickleback

I’m not sure that any “artist” has consistently drawn my ire to the extent of Nickelback over the years.  Sure, Dashboard Confessional and a number of pop-punk acts have temporarily brought about fits of deep apathy.  But, Nickelback is maybe my first love (of bands I love to hate, that is), and I always seem to come back to them.  In fact, my first foray into blogging revolved around hating on really terrible lyrics accompanied by terrible music, and you can find my entry on Nickelback here (warning:  adult content).  The content of this post was ripping on the song “Photograph”, but not nearly as well as the guys in the video below.  Alas, this experiment with blogging was not to last.  Law school got in the way, or maybe I should say, blogging got in the way of law school (maybe should consider that to have been my first priority, even if that wasn’t always exactly the case).  And now, I have the illustrious opportunity to review a new Nickelback album, and present to you the tepidly-titled Here and Now.

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iTunes Match: A Cancer to my Music Library

iTunes Match unveiling

As up-to-date as I stay on music, I’m not always an early adopter when it comes to the latest music technologies. When everything went digital, I had a hard time giving away the tangible feel of CDs, which now I would never waste time buying, but at the time seemed like a huge thing to sacrifice. Now that everything is going to the cloud, I am again having a hard time of giving away the possession of an MP3 file.
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Paul Simon Show Review

Paul Simon

IU Auditorium

Bloomington, IN


Paul Simon Live
Still Crazy Good After All These Years

Catching a music legend past their prime can be a mixed bag. The sheer presence of someone who has played such an important role in music history can be awe-inspiring, but often the performances fall quite flat and it can even be borderline sad seeing them as just a shell of who they used to be. Some legends seem to almost get better with age (Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young), while other’s  rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles have gotten the best of them over time (Bob Dylan, The Who).
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A$AP Rocky Review: This Sh*t Cray

A$AP Rocky Review


asap rocky, a$ap rocky, cover, art, liveloveasap, livelovea$ap, live, love, asap,

This may be the only time I ever review a mixtape.  Some hip-hop artists are so prolific with the amount of mixtapes they release (e.g., Gucci Mane), it is often hard to keep up.  So, I often just stick to studio releases, and the occasional mixtape that gets a lot of good publicity.  Well, I can’t recall a mixtape that has gotten as much hype as A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP, and the alleged 3 million dollar deal he received from RCA/Sony.  I was skeptical of the hype Rocky has been receiving, but let me tell you that this self-proclaimed “pretty motherf****r” has delivered not just the best mixtape of the year, but possibly the best hip-hop album in general.

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LxListening: Little Bit of Sunshine

After incessantly listening to Beach Boys’ Smile for two weeks, the Beach Boys have helped me wane off the sunshine and heat as the Indiana landscape slowly turns into an unforgiving frozen tundra. So here are my five songs that are either influenced by the Beach Boys or embody their bright sprit, two things that help me as a slowly drift off into my honey-induced hibernation.

Ready for the Winter
Getting nice and cozy

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Top Ten Thursday: So You Think You Can Act

Marky Mark, Wahlberg, Dancing

Even though Donald Glover is actually an actor turned musician, we at LxL decided to put together a list of the Top Ten Musicians Turned Actors.  This is clearly incongruous with Glover’s career path, but being the definition of iconoclastic, we do whatever we damn well please.  As always, feel free to comment with concurrences, dissents, and passionate arguments of why you think your favorite musician turned actor should have made the list.  Enjoy.

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