Tom Waits: A Sirisly Positive Review

Tom Waits
Bad As Me

Recently in my life I made two purchases that I was extremely excited about and even more pleased with. First and foremost, the new Tom Waits album. Hardly any album in recent days has excited me as much as this new Tom Waits album. My hopes had set the bar for this one extremely high, and Tom did nothing but blow my expectations out of the water. My second purchase I would like to discuss, was my decision to finally join the iPhone family. I’ve been regrettably and painfully stuck with a Droid for the past two years, and now I am glad to say those days are over. Now, in being so extremely excited with both new and relevant purchases of my life, I thought, why not combine the two. So believe it or not, this review is actually being dictated through Siri on my iPhone. I have not typed a single word of it on a keyboard yet. A lot of people (including myself) were skeptical of this program at first, so I wanted to test it out in a big way. And yes, I will be fair and give an honest update at the end about what I changed after my Siri experience. So hear it is, the world’s first (this stat has not been fact checked) album review using iPhone 4S’ Siri/Pages applications … why not?

Use for: Setting reminders and reviewing Tom Waits albums

Starting off, I thought it would be fun to give it a little test run by spouting off a list of adjectives in which I feel described Tom Waits’s new album. Let’s see if Siri can keep up:

Brilliant, ferocious, fun, adventurous, dangerous, a good time, intentional, passionate, booming, no regard, honest, near perfection, no-holds-bar, drunkenly poetic … Alright, you get the picture.

It’s hard to not know who Tom Waits is at this point. If you haven’t heard his music, or seen him perform on some late night show, you have probably at least seen him in a peculiar role in some peculiar movie somewhere. In any case, he probably caught your attention in whatever he was doing. It’s hard for him not too. He is completely unique, captivating, funny, and entertaining at everything he does. He has been described as “THE drunken-master of lyrical poetry”, with a voice that sounds like it has been finely aged in a bourbon barrel. Like I stated, I can’t even begin to explain to you how excited I was before this album came out. Majorly in part because of how rare it is to come across an album/artist that sounds as ridiculously passionate and honest as Tom Waits.

^Maybe drunk, but definitely poetic ... and definitely drunk

The opening track “Chicago” sets the tone for the rest of the album. The track, like the album is fun, playful and sounds like it came straight out of the mouth of Chi-city itself. The rest of the album is like a roller coaster that’ll take you take you up, spin you around, jolt and jerk you in different directions, and leave you with a ride you enjoyed every single second of. More specifically, this album is like the Maverick at Cedar Point. It even gently slows down at points with tracks like the depressingly beautiful “Talking At the Same Time” or the delicate “Kiss Me”, before it lunges you back into more aggressive territory like the classically Elvis-esque “Get Lost” or the epic, almost hellishly-aggressive “Hell Broke Luce”.

^Alternate Cover Art for Tom Waits: Bad as Me

And the title track “Bad as Me”, is as good as a title track can get. The lyrics are dark, the vocals are aggressive, and like a child passing the buck or the blame to whoever is closest, he calls out his target for being “the same kind of bad as me!” Nobody is as bad or as good as Tom Waits in any sense of the words, (this stat has been fact checked).

^ “No good you say, well that’s good enough for me.” In fact it’s better than good for me, it’s f**in’ phenomenal

As far as Tom Waits albums go (or any albums for that matter), this is on par with the best of them. It’s a perfect combination of the Bawler and Brawler components of his stunning Orphans series. It’s completely timeless as well. It’s mean, but it’s nice. It’s upfront, yet confusing. It aggressive, but still soft and sweet. Most of all, It’s completely timeless, very diverse, and a masterful “must have” album for your collection.


Can’t Miss: “Chicago”, “Get Lost”, “Bad As Me”, “Kiss Me”

Can’t Hit: “Pay Me”

Siri Review: Using Siri in my Pages app served me very well for giving me a rough first draft. Obviously I have to make a lot of small revisions (mainly with capitalization and punctuation) but that is to be expected. I am honestly amazed at how well it did overall capturing almost all of my words and most punctuation marks. Although, looking back I think it affected my train of thought through the writing process a bit. But obviously I am not used to “writing” by speaking, that will take some getting used to.

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