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1234567 (King of Limbs Remixed)

People seemed to really have split opinions on Radiohead’s most recent efforts, King of Limbs. Those who weren’t excited about it complained that it was too similar to Thom’s solo work, or that it wasn’t innovative enough for Radiohead, or even just too electronic. Wes and I split hairs over this album. Below I posted my facebook message response to Wes’ complaints for the album. I edited it a little bit so not to offend anyone. Please feel free to fill in the blanks:

“Couldn’t disagree with you more Wes. That album does nothing but grow on me … more than a ________ ________ _________- ___. The beats are some of their sickest ever. In most cases, sicker than your _________ __________. Or at least sicker than any other beats crafted by the band in prior albums. The way they’ve now completely intertwined Selway’s natural kit within the electronic beats is something of quite a rad nature and makes _________ seem _________ _________. Overall, the album flows really well.

Little By Little, Lotus Flower, Giving Up the Ghost, and Separator have the ability to be some of their greatest tracks ever. LBL is so complex, and so intensely layered, but still comes off as this groovy little jam that you can never quite pin point the origins too. And Separator could easily have been spun into one of their darkest songs, but instead gleams in these happy little major notes all along the track. Feral is probably their biggest freak out track to date. I think I’ll seizure the day I see that live. And BLOOM … what a ___________ opener. It’s a crazy, ramped-up electronic jazz track infused with Thom’s droning voice. And we both know each other’s feelings of Give Up the Ghost … it’s just like being sandwiched between ____________ and ____________ as they are ___________ ____________ ____________.

It’s not as crazy diverse as some prior albums, but either way, you’re a _________ and a liar, and pathetic, and __________ ”
I obviously enjoyed the album. This does not necessarily mean that I enjoyed the remixes however. Most of the remixes do not add anything to the tracks. I feel like remixes should be good at emphasizing the strongest points of a track, while in turn, giving the DJ a chance to show off some sort of skill they possess at making music out of other peoples music. 90% of the tracks on this remix are so extremely subtle and almost not worth remixing at all. I would even go as far as saying that some tracks just blatantly sound like they were pushing to make the in-store-playlists at Abercrombie & Fitch.

^Former Abercrombie Model

Occasionally you will have a few that stand out. “Little by Litte” remixed by Shed is a good example of a track that stood out for good reasons. It highlights some really cool aspects of the song. Looping Thom’s voice so that it almost sounds like a ghost in the distance, while also looping a small, unique, and very cool guitar riff from the song. The track doesn’t explode or go anywhere, but it is one of the more solid remixes on the album.

Another cool track was Anstam’s remix of “Separator”. It does a cool job of exposing that song for how dark, twisted, and uniquly great it really is. The remix pulls the song into the dark, uncomfortable territory the lyrics always suggest the song should feel like, while still finding ways to be playful and light as well. This was my personal favorite remix on the album.

Most of the rest feel just sloppy, unispired, and boring, taking a way from the value of the song. “Give Up the Ghost” by Thriller Houseghost is one in particular that I feel like I will be hearing at the local Gap.

I think what it comes down to is that if you like the album, King of Limbs, that’s great, listen to King of Limbs. If you don’t, you especially won’t care for these remixes. I’d buy them track by track personally rather than the whole bunch together. They released so many individual remixes anyways, that there are bound to be better ones out there than just the ones that were put on 1234567. It’s really just a matter of sifting through all of them if you really want to.
Can’t Miss: “Separator” by Anstam, “Little By Little” by Shed, and “Bloom” by Objekt

Can’t Hit: “Give Up the Ghost” by Thriller Houseghost, “Little By Litte” by Caribou, and “Feral” by Lone

Note – If interested, you can stream the entire album here:

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Author: Todd

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2 thoughts on “Radiohead RMX Review”

  1. Wow Todd, classy job. Give your side of the argument without giving my including a word of mine, and then calling me a former Abercrombie model which clearly isn’t true. It’s almost if you are asking to get Eagle Eyed.

  2. First of all- good review. I respect your opinions, but definitely disagree with them.

    I thought that Radiohead’s previous release, In Rainbows, was the pinnacle of their sound, and for me definitely contained their best beats and instrumentation (fused almost surreally with Yorke’s vocals). The remix of TKOL, for me, was definitely a more enjoyable listening experience than the original. As a whole unit I just couldn’t get into TKOL like other Radiohead pieces.

    Regardless, I think you’re right about sifting through the tracks and finding the ones you really like. And I also agree that there definitely are some excruciatingly boring tracks on here that don’t do anything impressive to the original content.

    Cool review. +Follow

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